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Home Decor: Paint vs. Wallpaper (Pros and Cons)

The ambiance and outlook of a home or commercial structure is highly dependent on its walls. It is necessary to ensure that your wall is decorated with a reliable and a visually pleasing item. Therefore if you are considering decorating the walls in your home any time soon, it is worth considering whether to paint your home or consider using wallpaper.

Wallpaper – Before opting for wallpapers, consider the following pros and cons.

Pros – Wallpapers are known for their durability. They are powerful enough to withstand mischief from little kids who may try to be a bit too rough with the walls. Even if you do not have kids, you can always expect those from your family members and friends.Wallpaper is known to have a longer lifespan than paint. Despite being costlier than a coat of paint, they even out the costs. Wallpaper comes with different textures, shades, patterns, and designs. Whether you are interested in a bespoke design or you want stripes for your wallpaper, you have plenty of options to select from.

Cons – Wallpaper is not the best when it encounters moisture. This is why they are not used frequently in kitchens, bathrooms, and other water related home areas. It takes more time to apply and remove wallpapers.

Paint – Choose a coat of paint by going through the following advantages and disadvantages.

Pros – Paint is cheaper than wallpapers. It is not as complex to apply paint in your home in comparison to wallpaper. Unlike wallpapers, you can use paint in different areas of your home while you do not have to worry about using it in high moisture rooms as paint is not as sensitive to water. It is quite easy to correct a painting error. This is contrast to wallpaper which requires a greater degree of resources for rectification.

Cons – The option to paint walls does not provide the same level of versatility which you can achieve with wallpapers. It is common for walls to become scraped. In such scenarios, you may find your wall’s chipping and thus have to call a professional for assistance.

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Kitchen Remodelling on a Budget

With time, the beauty of kitchen starts to fade away. If your kitchen has become a dark and depressing place, then take the following steps to give it a new look without breaking the bank.

When it comes to kitchen remodelling, the cost of installing new cabinets is pretty high. In case your cabinets are still in good shape, you can invest in minor remodelling to enhance their look. To do this, you can paint your cabinets with a bright colour. According to experts, using white paint is one of the best techniques to make outdated cabinets seem fresh and new. Other than painting, washing and priming can do wonders for your cabinet’s look.

Improve Lighting

The installation of lighting solutions and fixtures is a clever strategy to change the visual aesthetics of your kitchen. You can hang up attractive pendants to radiate light and style and install overhead lighting in the cooking area. Additionally, you can experiment with under-cabinet lightning; it does not cost much to enhance your kitchen’s design to a large extent.

Save on Materials 

You should try your best to save up on your budget. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is all you need to revitalise your old kitchen walls. For saving up on materials, you can do the following.

-Suppose you have found a really amazing counter top or an elegant kitchen tile. In such a moment, your impulses may compel you to instantly purchase it. However, you should exercise some patience. Wait a little bit and look around for the same thing at a cheaper price. Sometimes, two different stores can sell the same tile or counter top with a large difference. If luck favours you, then you may even get an awesome deal.

-There are several stores that provide slightly used materials for kitchen. These include cabinets, sinks, appliances, counters, lighting fixtures, and other similar kitchen items at an extremely affordable price. You can find them online in websites like eBay and Craig-list. While you may need the advice of your plumber to make sure you are purchasing a piece in good condition, you can still save a lot through this strategy.

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How to Enjoy a Night Out in a Bar on a student Budget

Partying is the part and parcel of student life. While you can also go to a bar during your corporate life, the enjoyment and entertainment of going to a bar as a student is irreplaceable. However, students are often constrained by their budgets because such affairs tend to be considerably expensive. Follow these tips to enjoy in a bar on a student budget.  

1.Check Your Wallet

Do not go to a bar and spend without proper planning, or else you may have to regret your decision. Instead, check how much money you can spend at the maximum before heading out.

2.Look for Drink Specials

Have you ever looked for the drink specials before picking a bar? Usually, bars have deals and drink specials with meaty discounts. Sometimes, these deals are based on the day of the week; for instance, some bars promote drink specials only on Tuesdays. On their part, this is a business decision to attract audiences.

However, you can take advantage of this marketing strategy to provide relief to your wallet. To find these deals, you can look into social media pages, Yelp links, and websites of your preferred bars.

3.Practice Pre-Gaming

Pre-gaming is a popular budget saving tip where an individual undergoes alcoholic intake at home before going to the bar. This technique helps in quenching the thirst for alcohol and allows students to save money by having a lighter intake at the bar.

However, according to a previous study, pre-gaming can lead to blackouts and other issues. Therefore, you should consider how much you drink before you go out.

4.Don’t Get Caught Up on Shots

Shots are impulsive and expensive. Shots incite others to become emotionally invested and therefore they can compel you to lose all of your money at once if you do not act responsibly.

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The importance of Chatbots in marketing

The last few years have seen AI (artificial intelligence) advance by leap and bounds. Organizations are incorporating different AI applications to revitalise their businesses. One of these applications is chatbots, an AI-based program that converse with humans via audio or text. Go through the following examples to understand the use of chatbots in marketing.

Efficient Customer Service

Consider a potential customer who is interested in buying your product or availing your services. They call you to inquire about additional information, only to be repulsed by the waiting time.

Chatbots have made quite a few value additions in the traditional call center industry. Companies are leveraging them to automate their customer services. A chatbot does not inconvenience customers with long waiting times and is quick to answer multiple queries with precise, short, and informative answers.

Valuable Customer Insights

Another use of chatbots in marketing is the analysis of customer data. When customers interact with humans, then humans cannot memorise their details or perform complex calculations simultaneously.

However, chatbots are not limited by human capabilities. They have the ability to store huge amounts of data from customer interactions. Afterward, they can run business intelligence operations on the date acquired. This means that a chatbot’s machine learning algorithms can provide insights on consumer habits. Once the data from an extensive list of customers is accumulated and gathered, marketing strategies can then be tailored to suit the needs of individual customers.

Personalised Advertisements

Suppose you have a customer (Mr. A) who regularly shops from your e-commerce website. Mr. A often purchases graphics cards, mouse, headphones, and other computer products for PC gaming. What if there is a tool that can analyse Mr. A’s spending habits and preferred list of products to offer him customised ads for similar products?

When chatbots collect personal information from customers, they can assist in marketing to create personalised advertisements, thereby boosting sales conversion.

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How to use customer psychology to advertise

As a business owner, you can attract more consumers by targeting the human psychology. Here are some of the most effective ideas which are heavily used to leverage customer psychology to increase sales.

1. Baader-Meinhof

Suppose that your current smartphone broke down and now you are looking for a new one. Suddenly, you seem to notice a certain new phone everywhere in the hands of friends, family, and colleagues. Naturally, you would be inclined to consider that phone. This is a classic example of the Frequency Illusion which is also called as the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon.

Frequency Illusion refers to the repetition of advertising a product or service through billboards, online ads, TV ads, and any possible medium to ensure that it subconsciously tempts the target consumer to buy it.

2. Decoy Pricing

Decoy pricing is a technique in which buyers make up their mind to purchase when they have the opportunity to buy from two products where one of them is clearly low in quality or offers less value for money.

Consider a brand which sells a printer named P1 at $100 with a margin of $20. Now, the company decides to introduce another printer P2 which is similar in features and contains only a few improvements at a price of $180 with a margin of $60. For a prospective buyer, the P1 stands out as an attractive value for money option as it is a lot cheaper than P2 while the difference between their features is not much. As a result, the P1 gets sold out! Here the P2 was a decoy.

3.Loss Aversion

In 1990, a study indicated that the fear of loss can make people take an action, especially when it was compared to their readiness to act after acquiring their desired object. An example of this strategy is clearly available in the form of free trials.

Companies offer free trials so a user can become mentally invested in a product and is inclined to purchase it the end of the trial period.

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Ways to improve your home on a tight budget

If you want to improve your home either to make it more visually appealing or to boost your homes resale value, then consider the following tips. Adopting these strategies can make sure that you are able to make a difference without spending much.

Paint Your Home – Using a coat of paint is a simple yet effective solution that can enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Think about the most visible parts of your home. At the bare minimum, you can paint your front door. A new coat of paint adds incredible value to home spaces and radiates unparalleled freshness.

Introduce a Tree

Planting a tree is perhaps the cheapest technique to boost your homes aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it has multiple applications.

1. Kids can use it to play and make a tree-house.

2. Family members can take gardening as a hobby.

3. You can do your part to improve the global environment.

4. A wide portion of prospective buyers search for homes with tree, so you can use it to boost your homes resale value.

Upgrade Appliances

The productivity in a home is dependent on the operation of its appliances. For example, look at your kitchen and see if your chores are taking double the time than they are supposed to. Add a dishwasher or microwave oven in the mix and ensure that their design and colours are similar to maintain a consistent, smooth look.

Update Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Does your home boast conventional and traditional indoor and outdoor lighting? Over the past few years, the rapid pace of engineering and technological advancements have given rise to some pretty slick and cool lightning solutions. Consider changing your light fixtures and you can observe a noticeably brighter uplift with a modernised feel.

While indoor lightning improves your interior, you can take the next step by enhancing your outdoor lighting, thereby making your home attractive from the outside. Outdoor lighting can also help with security, for example you can keep burglars and criminals at bay by installing proper outdoor lighting.

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How to use colour psychology to increase restaurant sales

Do you manage a restaurant? Are you looking for a strategy to increase restaurant sales? Do you know that it is possible to attract customers through colours?

Research indicates that the colours of a restaurants interior can subconsciously induce a positive perception in the minds of customers. The right choice of colour can evoke hunger while the use of wrong colour can alienate the customer from food. Consider the following colour configurations and use them wisely in your restaurant.

Light Colours

If you have a small-scale restaurant, then use light colors like white, light grey or beige for painting. These colours make a restaurant appear much bigger than it actually is. Colours such as white exude a welcoming aura and make customers feel at home.

Relaxing Colours

The colour green has been associated with nature since forever. It radiates a comforting feel; therefore it is an excellent choice to make customers feel relaxed. Likewise, if you have a restaurant which excels in the delivery of healthy meals, then using painting your restaurant walls in green is probably a good idea. However, green is not suitable for all types of setups. If you have a pub or bar, then green can create a negative effect on your customers.

Other than green, you can also use the colour brown to produce a relaxing air in your restaurant. Keep in mind that brown works best when used sparingly.

Negative colours

The incorrect use of blue and purple may have been the hidden factor behind your plummeting sales. The human mind links purple and blue to toxins. Therefore, they reduce a customers hunger and thirst. If you think about the number of naturally purple or blue coloured foods, then the thought gives further credibility that they are not the best food colours. However, if you must use them, then it is possible to avoid negative results by combining other colours with them.

blue chair and table in restaurant

Follow the above-mentioned tips to increase restaurant sales and assess your sales after a few months. You might be pleasantly surprised in the end.

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Can You Improve Your Decision-Making by Learning a Language?

Many people talk about how trendy it is to learn a new language. However, only a few people know about the facts and research that really demonstrate the cognitive benefits of learning a second language.

Does speaking two or more languages enhance your decision-making?

In 2012, an issue of Psychological Science published the findings of researchers at the University of Chicago about cognitive benefits of learning a second language. Their findings suggested that humans are more likely to take better decisions when they are thinking in a second language.

Now, what happens to your brain when you learn a new language? Well, when humans are thinking in the language that appears natural to them, they are more in touch with their inner risk-averse psychology. This prevents them from taking risks and gaining higher returns. The research found that people make more logical decisions when their aversion to losses is reduced because of thinking and speaking in a second language.

In another experiment, researchers studied students who gained a little proficiency in Spanish. Each student was given $15, in one-dollar bills. They had to take one dollar out for a bet to win $1.50. It was observed that those who knew just English had more fear of losing $1 (only 54% of them took the bet), while those who knew Spanish as a second language, and were thinking in Spanish, were more inclined towards taking the bet (71% of them participated).

How are you better able to multitask by knowing multiple languages?

Research has shown that when you learn a new language, your brain switches between two languages, the act of switching makes you better at multitasking. When you switch between languages in speaking, writing, and processing information, you make your brain used to juggling between tasks. This is how you become better at multitasking.

Does Being Bilingual Improve Your Memory?

When you learn a new language, what really happens is that you are memorizing the vocabulary and grammar rules of another language. This strengthens your brain muscles, and makes your brain retain information longer. Thus, you experience improved memory by learning a second language.


Learning another languages does not only make you appear smarter, but it also strengthens your brain which impacts your decision making and helps with multitasking and memory.

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Why you should consider learning a musical instrument in 2019

Many people don’t associate music as something beneficial for their brain. People learn to play musical instruments to become musicians in the future.

However, research has shown that learning to play a musical instrument can increase the size of your brain and improve the brain’s performance related to spatial tasks.

The benefits of learning a musical instrument as a child include improvements in spatial recognition, mental rotation, spatial memory, as well as spatial visualization. These improvements can also be witnessed in adults.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of learning an instrument in adults and children.

Sharpen Your Memory

When you play a musical instrument, your brain is actually having a workout session. Doing so will make your brain better at focusing and retention. A study conducted on patients with Alzheimer’s disease found that mental stimulation involved in playing and listening to music can improve memory.

Learn to Coordinate Better

Your body will learn to coordinate better, which is one of the benefits of learning an instrument. When you play a musical instrument, you are asking your brain and body to work together at a high speed where your hands, eyes, and mind are all synchronized.

Excel at Math

You become better at problem solving as you develop a sense of music and its scales, beats, and rhythm. Music and math are very similar. For example understanding beats, rhythm and scales, individuals are learning how to divide, create fractions and recognize patterns. This highlights a few ways music is helpful in solving math problems.

Read and Comprehend Better

When you read to comprehend chords, pitches, and music notes, you automatically enhance your ability to read and understand other things.

Be Creative

Do you know you can be more creative by playing a musical instrument? When you create music, you are actually using your imagination. This use of imagination stimulates creativity in your brain.

Self Expressions and Emotional Development

Music helps you express your inner thoughts and feelings. It provides you with a form of expression which is healthy for you and makes you emotionally stable.

Social and Management Skills

Music gives you a topic to discuss. You may be interested in the type of music that is quite trendy. As a result, you will always have something to talk about during social gatherings.

Playing an instrument also allows you to manage things like the tempo and volume. So you are likely to improve your management skills by continuing to learn a musical instrument.


Learning how to play a musical instrument can do a lot to enhance your persona. Besides the things mentioned above, it can also help you improve your grades and relieve your stress by relaxing your body and brain.

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Ways to Brighten Your Home in the New Year

The New Year brings new events, happiness, and joy for you, your friends, and your family. In 2019, you will want to bring some changes to your house, and to feel happier and more fulfilled with your life, you will want to brighten it up a little. So what can you do to brighten up your house? We suggest you to play with some colours.

Did you know that colours play a major role in our lives? They affect our mood, our feelings, and our emotions, and it is because of this reason that colours should be given importance in our daily life. Read on to know how different colours can brighten your home up and invoke feelings and emotions.


If you want to brighten your home in 2019 with the colour blue, then you should know that it is an extremely calm colour. Having your home painted in blue will help you feel serene, relaxed, and centered. Blue will provide you with mental clarity, lower your blood pressure, and steady your breathing. However, some shades of blue, especially pastel shades, can make you feel cold and chilly in your home, while warm shades of blue can give you a lovely feeling.


The colour yellow increases your energy as it brightens your mood. You may feel lively after spending your time in a room which is painted yellow. Experts have also linked the colour yellow with happiness and can potentially influence an individual to take more risks.


To brighten your home in 2019 and make it appear cleaner, paint the walls of your home white. Plain white colour will make your home appear more spacious, open, and airy. White gives you a feeling of purity, goodness, innocence, and protection.


If you have a tendency of feeling anxious, then painting your room green will help you brighten your home in 2019 and also your mood. Research has shown that green gives rest to your eyes and provides mental clarity and composure.


Purple is a mysterious and romantic colour that adds a burst of creativity to any part of the house. It is a great colour if you want to brighten your home in 2019. It makes you feel relaxed and calms you at night.


There are many colour options you can choose from if you want to brighten up your house. We suggest that you read more on colour psychology to know how different colours affect your mood.

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