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3 reasons why recommendations are important for your business

Word-of-mouth has become one of the most powerful formulas for businesses to attract customers to their online stores. Even with several advertising platforms available, people want to hear feedback about their online stores from the people they trust, friends and family.

Therefore, businesses need to strive for recommendations. The following three reasons will tell you why recommendations have become so important for businesses:

1. Creates Trust

BrightLocal revealed that 72% of people said that reading positive reviews about a local business online makes them trust the business more. With 70% stating that positive reviews help them trust the business, it is clear on how important recommendations are to a business success story. Businesses need to build trust through reviews by doing the following:

Choosing a customer-focused review platform

Continually ask for feedback from customers to show them that you care and use negative feedback to improve your business model.

Reply to every positive and negative review, working to resolve the negative ones.

2. Increases Conversion

You want to provide visitors on your site with personalized recommendations. The statistics show:

Customers who engage with online recommendations are more likely to open 3 to 6 product pages.

These customers are also more likely to add products to their shopping cart and will return to the store to shop again.

3. Increases Revenue

Relevant product recommendations can increase revenue for businesses by 26%. You need to develop a product recommendations plan that should include collecting and compiling data, analyzing the data and delivering content based on it, studying the results, and taking appropriate measures to improve your campaign.

It is important for online businesses to develop a strategy and campaign that involves putting personalized production recommendations out there and requesting their customers to leave reviews about their products, services, and overall experience with them on their social media platforms or a third-party review site like RateUsOnline. RateUsOnline is a platform dedicated to endorsing quality businesses, services or products.

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Ways to Brighten Your Home in the New Year

The New Year brings new events, happiness, and joy for you, your friends, and your family. In 2019, you will want to bring some changes to your house, and to feel happier and more fulfilled with your life, you will want to brighten it up a little. So what can you do to brighten up your house? We suggest you to play with some colours.

Did you know that colours play a major role in our lives? They affect our mood, our feelings, and our emotions, and it is because of this reason that colours should be given importance in our daily life. Read on to know how different colours can brighten your home up and invoke feelings and emotions.


If you want to brighten your home in 2019 with the colour blue, then you should know that it is an extremely calm colour. Having your home painted in blue will help you feel serene, relaxed, and centered. Blue will provide you with mental clarity, lower your blood pressure, and steady your breathing. However, some shades of blue, especially pastel shades, can make you feel cold and chilly in your home, while warm shades of blue can give you a lovely feeling.


The colour yellow increases your energy as it brightens your mood. You may feel lively after spending your time in a room which is painted yellow. Experts have also linked the colour yellow with happiness and can potentially influence an individual to take more risks.


To brighten your home in 2019 and make it appear cleaner, paint the walls of your home white. Plain white colour will make your home appear more spacious, open, and airy. White gives you a feeling of purity, goodness, innocence, and protection.


If you have a tendency of feeling anxious, then painting your room green will help you brighten your home in 2019 and also your mood. Research has shown that green gives rest to your eyes and provides mental clarity and composure.


Purple is a mysterious and romantic colour that adds a burst of creativity to any part of the house. It is a great colour if you want to brighten your home in 2019. It makes you feel relaxed and calms you at night.


There are many colour options you can choose from if you want to brighten up your house. We suggest that you read more on colour psychology to know how different colours affect your mood.

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3 ways to grow your business in 2019

You cannot press pause on your business once it is up and running, but you will have to continually work towards growing it.

If you have established a business and want to grow it, here are three ways to help grow your business in 2019:

1. Develop Content to build brand awareness

You need to develop a content marketing strategy to grow your business. To build a successful content marketing strategy, you will need to:

Establish a mission statement, which involves you defining a target audience and produce content you will use to reach these individuals.

More specifically, to create a mission statement and come up with goals, you need to perform research. Find out who you are targeting, the methods you will use to attract them and generate traffic for your business, and anything that will help you reach your ultimate goal of building brand awareness through content. The different types of content you can create include: Blogs, Infographics and Social media posts.

2. Obtain online reviews and recommendations

Online reviews and personal recommendations have become extremely important tools for businesses looking for growth. With 93% of people regularly reaching online reviews and 85% of them trusting online reviews, it is no surprise that online reviews are receiving the same importance as personal recommendations. If you want to obtain online reviews and recommendations for your business, you will need to: Engage with customers. First of all, select review websites that attract dedicated users, with results that show up in Google when people search for your business name.

Then ask for a review after your customers have bought something from your business. Ask them for a review via phone, email, postcard, text message, postcard, or in-person, if applicable. Give them an incentive to leave a review.

3. Improve your reach on social media

In order to improve your reach on social media, you need to attract customers to follow and like your page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. To increase your social media reach, consider the following:

If you have a blog, see the share counts to see what platform your customers are sharing your posts on the most.

Optimize your social media profile (develop an easy to recall username, a recognizable picture or brand logo, keyword rich descriptions, and trackable link your website).

Understand your customers demographic information (gender, relationship, status, age, education level, language, interests). Then create targeted advertising campaigns using this information, to reach a similar audience.

If you want to grow your business in 2019, follow these three ways to do so.

Ways to improve your home on a tight budget

If you want to improve your home either to make it more visually appealing or to boost your homes resale value, then consider the following tips. Adopting these strategies can make sure that you are able to make a difference without spending much.

Paint Your Home

Using a coat of paint is a simple yet effective solution that can enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Think about the most visible parts of your home. At the bare minimum, you can paint your front door. A new coat of paint adds incredible value to home spaces and radiates unparalleled freshness.

Introduce a Tree

Planting a tree is perhaps the cheapest technique to boost your homes aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it has multiple applications.

1. Kids can use it to play and make a tree-house.

2. Family members can take gardening as a hobby.

3. You can do your part to improve the global environment.

4. A wide portion of prospective buyers search for homes with tree, so you can use it to boost your homes resale value.

Upgrade Appliances

The productivity in a home is dependent on the operation of its appliances. For example, look at your kitchen and see if your chores are taking double the time than they are supposed to. Add a dishwasher or microwave oven in the mix and ensure that their design and colours are similar to maintain a consistent, smooth look.

Update Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Does your home boast conventional and traditional indoor and outdoor lighting? Over the past few years, the rapid pace of engineering and technological advancements have given rise to some pretty slick and cool lightning solutions. Consider changing your light fixtures and you can observe a noticeably brighter uplift with a modernised feel.

While indoor lightning improves your interior, you can take the next step by enhancing your outdoor lighting, thereby making your home attractive from the outside. Outdoor lighting can also help with security, for example you can keep burglars and criminals at bay by installing proper outdoor lighting.

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Selecting The Perfect Caterer

Catering is one of the major components that can either make or break an event. The food served at your function is something that will improve your guest’s experience and it is because of this reason you need to make sure you choose a caterer that is perfect for your event.

So, here are a few tips that will help you to choose that perfect caterer.

1. Can They Caterer To Your Event?

Events differ and while there are some caterers out there that are great at almost all forms of event catering, it is important to make sure that the caterer you are considering does have the experience to handle your type of event. For instance, if you are organizing a ballroom event, you do not want to hire a caterer that is used to barbeque events.

2. Can They Accommodate A Flexible Menu?

Almost all caterers will have a menu that you can pick from. However, any customer-oriented caterer should be willing to be flexible enough to work with a customized menu for any event. This is important in case you are expecting guests that have dietary needs or if you want to make a menu that follows the theme of your event.

3. Can They Accommodate Tastings?

As an organizer, before you can confidently present anything to your guests, you have to be sure to have vetted it first. This includes the food at the event. The caterer’s ability to provide tasting is very important so that you do not have any mishaps on the day of your event.

4. Are They Clear On The Terms Of Contract And Cancellation?

When doing business with anyone, it is important to have the terms of the contract clearly stated out. This is no different when it comes to a catering contract. It is important to know exactly what you are paying for and what you are getting. It is also important to know what the contract states in terms of a cancellation plan. This is your safety net as an organizer and it would help you to prepare a proper backup plan.

5. Reviews and Recommendations

It is important to get references and to make sure your caterer checks out. BrightLocal revealed that 72% of people said that reading positive reviews about a local business online makes them trust the business more. This would help you to judge if the caterer is as good as advertised or not. When checking reviews, it is ok to check both online reviews and reach out to past clients.

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Four Amazing Ways to Improve Your Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the hub of your home. It is the place where you cook, eat and can be a place where you engage in conversations with your friends and family. So keeping your kitchen attractive is important. If your kitchen design is old and outdated, it is surely time for an upgrade. The beautiful part about this is that you do not need to spend a fortune to give your kitchen a fine touch. Here are four amazing ways to improve your kitchen, with a relatively low budget.

Replace or modify your lighting:

Most people do not know this, but their kitchen lighting goes a long way in affecting how the overall look of their kitchen will be. First, your lighting should be bright enough for you to see absolutely anything, so if your lighting is too low, you have to replace it.

You may also wish to modify the lighting to make it look attractive and expensive by changing the overhead fixtures. For a more modern feel, you should consider downlights and chandeliers. However, if you would prefer a more vintage look try reclaimed lights.

Under-cabinet kitchen lighting is also another great way to brighten up your kitchen.


Replace drawers and shelf liners

Your drawers and shelf liners are an integral part of your kitchen, so changing it can drastically influence its design. Remove your old drawers and replace them with new contemporary ones. However, your shelf liners should be changed frequently. Most people tend to neglect them. It’s often advised that you use/purchase a non-stick liner to help you remove everything in the cabinets (and they will still be arranged) and clean the drawer afresh.

Upgrade your hardware

There are several little details in kitchens that can influence its appearance, but most homeowners ignore them. Little details like knobs can give your door or shelf a little pop if they are fancy, which will, in turn, affect your kitchen.

If you have the storage problem, getting fancy under-cabinet baskets or small-wire shelves might just be the solution, as you will be able to utilize the available spaces effectively.


Also, do not underestimate the power of a great and functional dish rack in your kitchen. This is more important if you are trying to create space. 

Paint or change the wallpaper:

Updating your walls using paint or wallpaper is another way to improve the appearance of your kitchen. If you consider painting, dark shades can be used if the kitchen is bigger, while a light shade should be used in the kitchen is smaller, to create more visual space and depth. For the pattern, it is recommended that you go with floral wallpaper, as it gives the kitchen some personality.

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4 Ways to Create More Space in Your Home

Having a small home does not necessarily mean that you cannot have and enjoy your living area. While having a big home would be perfect, it is good to note that even the most spacious home may not always appear so large. This is why we bring you 4 great ways that you can create and enjoy more space in your home.

Reduce Clutter and Organize

The one thing that takes up a lot of space and makes even the largest spaces look constricted, is a clutter. Having bits and pieces of things like clothing, toys and even work items lying about in piles can make a room and even the entire home feel tight, stuffy and even choked up. Clear away the clutter that has gathered around the home and store away your items in a more organized manner. For instance, folding and hanging up your clothes are less likely to make your closet look chocked up unlike when you just have them all spilling out in a pile. Also, as opposed to leaving toys in a pile at one corner of the room would help to organize them into a bin, it would also make it easier for storage.


Invest In Practical Storage Spaces.

Rather than constantly looking for space all over your home to store things, you could simply invest in some practical storage spaces. Building a simple shelf with several drawers and layers can help to not only hang decorations but store away nicks and knacks that would have otherwise been left lying around in the home. A fantastic idea for storage space is also the space at the base of your staircase. This space can be turned into a closet and even have racks and shelving for storing away more things. Another investment that would greatly payoff is wall racks. When maximizing space, you can never go wrong with racks. This helps to maximize your vertical space


Make Good Use of Light and Bright Colors

In any space that you have, colors and lightening are very important when you want to create space. Having a home with no proper lighting and a confusing color scheme is most likely going to make your home look smaller and tight. When choosing colors, choose a complementing bright and clean color scheme. This, paired with proper lighting would give your home a clean, wide and spacious look. When it comes to lighting, you want to make sure that you get as much natural light in as possible, you may want to consider leaving your windows open to allow more natural light in. Also if you have mirrors in your home, simply placing them at an angle that reflects an open space can make your room appear larger.

Clean Up As You Go

After clearing out your home and creating your much-needed space, it is very easy to let it get crowded all over again. To avoid this mistake, it is important to remember to clean up as you go. Try to get as many items off the floor as into their rightful places as possible. You may also want to make your storage spaces easy to reach as this would make cleaning up easier and not feel like a chore.

There you have it, 4 practical, inexpensive and very simple ways of making more space in your home.

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Having a fabulous wedding on a budget

People who are getting married do everything possible to make sure that their weddings is one to remember, both for them as the couple, and for guests too. Therefore, they make sure that everything about their wedding is well catered for. The key to having a fabulous wedding on a budget is planning. Here is why:

Weddings can be very expensive to plan and hold. Research has shown that the average cost of a wedding in America can be over $33,000. Starting with the engagement rings, wedding rings, food, and drinks for the guests, souvenirs, cake, wedding dresses, and suits. If one does not plan their wedding very well, you may end up in financial trouble.

Planning Your Wedding According to Budget – How Do You Start?

If you are getting married you should consider working with a good wedding planner to help you plan your wedding according to your budget. Professional wedding planners are the right people for you to call because they know all about weddings and are well experienced.

Bride and Groom sitting on a bridge on their wedding day

But then, you want a fabulous wedding, a wedding with a difference, that will leave your guests talking about it for a long time, and according to your budget. How do you go about it? Here’s how:

Firstly, you need to understand that you don’t need to break the bank or spend a fortune before planning a fabulous wedding. If you have that at the back of your mind, you can do it. It may interest you to know that you can be your own wedding planner. Yes, that’s very possible. Although planning a fabulous wedding on a budget can be a difficult task, it is not something that is impossible to achieved. With the right creativity you can do it.

Secondly, you need to set your priorities; know what is most important and what is less important. List everything on a scale of preference. Know the kinds of food and drinks you want to serve your guests and the kind of music you want them to dance to. For the choice of a photographer for your wedding, you need to select the kind of photography you want and work towards that budget.

Reduce the numbers of guests and decorations

Next, you need to cut down on your wedding list.  Know which guests are likely to turn up for your event and make sure to put them on the list. This way, you will know how much to plan for and you won’t also waste food, drinks, and souvenirs. However, you need to understand that providing souvenirs for your wedding guests is not necessary. It could help you cut down a lot of costs. Your guests can easily come to the wedding to celebrate with you, eat and drink, and take pictures.

Also, cut down on unnecessary things. There are certain things which are normally included in weddings that are not very important. These things may include bathroom baskets, a program of events, gift baskets and so on. At times, guests don’t even notice if they are not there. As long as you make them enjoy the wedding by keeping them engaged with activities, you’re good to go.