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RateUsOnline understands the sentiments associated with your events, which is why our experts only feature handpicked event management services UK-wide on this directory.

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Whether you want to host your 25th wedding anniversary or your kid’s first birthday, a good event planner can make or break your event. Most people rely on an event services company to take care of the nitty-gritties while they spend time with their family and friends.

Finding a reliable casual or corporate event services partner is very easy. Just visit RateUsOnline and search for event planners near your location. You will see a list of vendors come up on the screen. Go through the services offered, read reviews of previous customers, and look at pictures of past events. When you’re sure of your selection, book an appointment.

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The best businesses get featured on our social media communities with massive supporters. They also get featured on the homepage of the website. So, make sure to include up to date information such as the working hours, services offered, and pictures of events organised. Also encourage your customers to leave reviews to build your credibility.

If you want to give your business the centre stage it deserves, RateUsOnline is the best place to get started. All you need to do is sign up, add information about your events company services, and you’re good to go!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between event design and event planning?

Event design and event planning differ from each other due to their extensive responsibility. While event design encompasses the more creative aspect of event management, event planning is chalking out the operational points for an event.

An event planner focuses on organising an event and event designers look after the décor of the event.

Event planners collaborate with suppliers, vendors, florists, caterers, and ensure timely delivery of all pre-requisites at the designated date, time, location in sufficient quantities for the guests. Event designers focus on arranging everything at the venue – from furniture, lighting, draping and centrepieces, they are the wizards who make any event truly stunning.

How do you keep budgets on track?

Last minute deliveries or more bells and whistles on the venue to impress your clients and guests – takes the event budget out of your hands pretty quickly.

Here are some tried and tested tips to keep your event budget in check:

  • If you’ve handled a similar event in the past, take a look at its budget sheet. It will help you plan an event more methodically this time, avoiding earlier errors.
  • Knowing the kind of event also helps. Is it a gala? Or will it be a small gathering? The size of the event determines its budget. For instance, a full-fledged catering service doesn’t make any sense for a small gathering of 10 to 15 people attending a business meeting. Going overboard on such expenses can disturb the budget.
  • Event location also matters. You can reduce location costs by researching different event sites on any local review directory prior to booking.
  • Little things always add up. This is important. Whether you decide to buy pens for all 250 guests or rent another projector, everything plays into your budget. Keep a tab on your expenses through a budgeting tool or by maintaining an excel sheet.
  • Too many cooks spoil the broth. Expenses add up quickly when there are several people looking after the budget. Ensure that only one person remains in charge of spending.

What factors do you consider when selecting a venue?

The kind of venue you choose has the biggest impact on your event. Understandably, this choice can be intimidating. The following factors will help you find the perfect venue for your event:

1. Cost

The venue cost should ideally be kept down for allocating more budget for food, beverages, and entertainment. Being flexible on dates can be great for negotiating, since certain days in the week are less expensive. There are several free business listing sites that can help you find the right venues.

2. Ambience

During the site visit, pay close attention to the existing décor. What is the building architecture? Will it be suitable for your event? Venue requirements for a wedding are different than that of a tradeshow. The lesser a venue matches to your event, the more you’ll have to spend on decorating it.

3. Services and amenities

Kitchen, catering, ready-to-use chairs, tables, and linens, set-up and cleaning crew, and AV utilities also help determine the suitability of a venue for an event. Make a tentative list of the services you might require, and then enquire accordingly.

4. Parking

The ideal venue comes with a parking lot. Try finding out if the venue you picked offers a parking lot or valet parking. Otherwise, make sure to look for parking lots nearby that can be accessed and used by attendees. Again, seek help of local business listing sites to read reviews of past attendees.

5. Accessibility

The venue location should be accessible by everyone, especially invitees with special needs. If your event will have elderly guests, find a venue with minimal stairs. If there are going to be a lot of babies and children, ensure that restrooms have diaper changing stations. Wheelchair accessibility should also be kept in mind when you create the seating chart.

How early do we need to start planning an event?

This really depends on the size and details of the event you’re organising. However, in our experience, corporate or private events take less time to plan because a majority of guests have already confirmed their attendance.

For an event with 100 to 500 guests, the preparations must begin at least 2 months before. For an event between 75 to 100 guests, a 45-day head start is recommended. For even smaller events, 30 days are sufficient. Events with guests over 500 must begin 6 months before the event.

Can you cope with last minute changes of plan or emergency situations?

Everything is possible if you remain calm.

  • The first step is to set aside some part of your budget for contingencies. Emergency expenditures can pop up at the most unexpected times, and your rainy-day reserve can be dipped into, to save the day.
  • On the day of the event, make sure to build some extra time in your schedule. So, if your event begins at 4pm, have everything ready at least a day before. You don’t want to get caught hanging signs as the guests line up at the registration kiosk.
  • Micromanagement is tempting but things can escalate quickly. Instead of doling out chores, delegate people and give them autonomy. If everything has been planned thoroughly, they should be able to build your vision with your brief.
  • Checklists might seem childish, but trust us, they are immensely helpful. Since you cannot remember everything, it’s better to write them down and then run through the list quickly to see if anything is left out.

How do you manage event promotion, including social media outreach and email campaigns?

Here are a few creative ideas to promote your event online:

  • Instagram has a countdown sticker that lets you set end date and time. You can post countdown stories on IG where viewers can subscribe to receive a notification when the time runs out. They can also add the countdown to their story.
  • You can create an event on Facebook. The events section contains all details that people need. You can tag official handles of the speakers who’ve been invited as well as official guests.
  • Create and run teasers in the time leading up to the event. Teasers create hype while offering useful information to your audience.
  • Branded hashtags are also a handy way to create buzz around your event. The more people share or write content using those tags, the better visibility your event will get on different social media platforms.
  • Sneak peek videos are an instant hit online. People love behind the scene goof-ups, juicy titbits, and backstage shenanigans of how you are gearing up for the big day.
  • Live tweets and goodies are also good to give entice people into attending your event or view it live virtually.
  • You can also use the good old e-mailing campaign to remind previous attendees about your upcoming event.



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