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Are you a plantsman? Do you love dabbling with a garden trowel in your backyard? Bringing your gardening visions to reality is harder than you might think – and this is where gardening services come into the picture.

Landscapers and gardeners are expert professionals who can bring your outdoor space to life with trees, flowers, plants, shrubbery and other verdant, floral arrangements. Not just foliage but a local gardening services expert can also help you with patios, decking, pathways, sculptures and other garden supplies in and around your house.

Garden maintenance services near me – Tree and garden services near me

Even if you have a few green fingers yourself, a gardening services professional will have the right training and necessary experience to undertake bigger projects more effectively. They will be able to suggest what works best and where in your garden. Sometimes, they might even work with a landscape architect or a designer to get the most out of your garden, backyard and patio.

Landscape gardening services near me – Why should I hire a gardening services expert?

So, you have chosen, planted and potted your plants. Your garden is now ready to enjoy but it is never truly finished. Regular upkeep and maintenance will keep your garden prim and proper for years to come. But for that, you will require garden maintenance services.

At RateUsOnline, our editors have handpicked professionals offering gardening services UK-wide, so that you don’t have to worry about where to find a gardener or a landscaping expert. Some of the most requested gardening services on RateUsOnline are:

  • Landscaping architects
  • Garden designers
  • Landscape and garden suppliers
  • Concrete, stone and pavers
  • Tree services experts

Gardening and landscaping services near me – Find experienced professionals online

On RateUsOnline, you can find experts who offer an array of gardening services. They will weed, water and prune your plants, mow the lawn to keep it green, and trim any over-growing hedges and trees. You can look up garden cleaning services from the search bar or enter your location manually to locate a professional in your area.

Gardening services near me – What to know about your landscaper?

Before you hire a gardener, ask them the following questions to gain insight into their expertise:

  • Have you ever worked on a similar project before?
  • How long have you been in the landscaping business?
  • Who will work on the project?
  • Will you work alone or will you subcontract the work?
  • Can you provide a written estimate?
  • Can you share a few references?
  • How long will it take to complete my project?
  • Do you also offer maintenance work?

When you type in ‘gardening and landscaping services near me’ on RateUsOnline, the algorithm will pick up your exact location and share the top-rated gardeners in your area. Look through photos of their previous works, read the reviews left by previous customers and then request the gardening services of the landscaper of your choice. Go ahead, give it a try!

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