When dealing with products online, one way to gather important customer feedback is through the product's review. The reviews reveal a lot about the product from the consumer's point of view. Once you, as an Online Marketer, gain access to such information, you can use it to gain more customers for a product. This article will focus on the best consumer product review sites and why reviews are essential in this profession.  star rating for online businesses Customer reviews, feedback, rating, ranking and service concept. Most people focus on the product reviews left on their websites. However, there are other websites that offer a collection of reviews for different products. From these sites, you can gain information on various products all at the same time and place. You can then use the reviews to boost your products sales within no time, pretty straightforward. But do these sites hold legit reviews? Can the reviews help your organization? We shall answer this and more questions in this article, so follow along.

Consumer Product Review Sites

1. Viewpoints

Viewpoint is a consumer-based review site. The site deals with reviews on household appliances and goods. A consumer who wishes to make household purchases mostly head on to this site to gather information about the product they want to purchase. Most of the products reviewed on this site include:
  • Mattresses 
  • Blenders
  • Washing machines 
  • Beauty products
The list above defines the type of product that you might find reviewed on this site. The list is, however, pretty long. If you are marketing products that fall under this category, then viewpoint is the perfect review site to head on to.

2. TestFreaks

TestFreaks is a pretty massive site. The site has reviews on any product that you can think of. It does not specialize. The site has reviews on:
  • Sports equipment
  • Household equipment 
  • Electronics 
  • Entertainment and so on.
The best part about this site is that it contains +100 reviews on each product. That makes the site pretty significant. The site also provides star ratings, with the stars raging from 0 through 5 accordingly. TestFreak has an average of 30 million reviews on products and also ratings. As an online marketer, these reviews could help you out. Plus, remember that the site is not limited in terms of products, which means that you can access reviews of any product you wish.
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Famous Review Sites

1. Amazon Customer Reviews

The Amazon platform has been around for a while now, and they are well known globally. Back in 1995, Amazon launched the first-ever online product review section for their platform. Now consumer could share their experience about the products that they purchased via Amazon. However, since Amazon has been around for a while, this makes them one of the most reliable review sites on the internet.  amazon customer reviews Amazon uses a straightforward rule. If a particular product is their platform, it must go hand in hand with its product review. On amazon's platform, you can find millions of products, each bearing its independent reviews. Therefore if you are looking to dive into product reviews, then Amazon should be your first option. All you have to do is search for a specific product, even your organization's product, and check on the reviews. Amazon also offers a star rating functionality for every product available on the site. The stars typically represent the consumer opinion on a specific item. Therefore by just a glimpse, you can tell how good a product is doing on the platform.

2. Facebook

You have probably heard about Facebook but from a social media point of view. However, did you know that you can find product reviews on these platforms too!  The site has an average of 85.57 million users, and that is on a monthly basis. But how does the review functionality of Facebook work? review on facebook Since most users spend a lot of their time scrolling through images and commenting, all producers have to do is post a product. Different people then comment on the image in the comment section. And those are basically the reviews, pretty simple, right? Well, that is why the platform is pretty famous. So all you have to do is head on to Facebook, look for a posted image, and go through the comment. You will gain a lot of knowledge from those reviews.

Most Reliable Review Sites

1. Angi 

Have you heard of the platform known as Angi? If no then worry not because we have got you. Angi is a high-end website for reviews; it is pretty popular in America. The platform gathers reviews on products of over seven hundred and twenty household-related services. Members of the platforms submit over sixty thousand reviews each month about every organization they employ.  The best part about the website is that it has ratings that range from A through F. Angi also has different administrators that constantly monitor the reviews to ensure that the reviews are honest and not fake. You can therefore be sure to receive high-end, honest, and solid feedback from this platform. To access the contents of this website, you require to pay a small fee to become a member of the site. Once in, you gain access to many reviews on different products based on the household section. Even though you might think that the fee is a bit extra, remember that it has an upside too. The fee dictates that whoever reviews products on the site is committed to providing honest and thought-out information.  Another upside on Angi is that the platform reveals some personal details about the reviewers. Therefore fake reviewers avoid this website at all costs.  As an online marketer, you can open an Angi account and then encourage your customers to leave reviews about the service or product you offer. With such a vast connected community, more reviews mean that you are more likely to gain more customers within no time.

2. Quora

Quora is a pretty massive platform. It has been known to provide a lot of product reviews, making its way into this article. In general, Quora is known to be an internet knowledge market. Quora functions in a question then answer format. That means that it is also pretty reliable as the answers are mostly not forced or fake. Quora has notable contributors that include politicians, for example, Hillary Clinton and individuals from Silicon Valley. The viewership of the platform is growing rapidly. Therefore, as an online marketer, you should use this chance to ask questions about your product on the site. Once you ask the right question, you will most probably receive almost immediate feedback from multiple individuals.  Quora has a free membership offer, but you have to ensure that your content obliges to the site's standards. If your content is excellent and meets all of the site's requirements, you will probably benefit a lot from the site. However, if you post content that does not align with the site's requirement, the chances are that you will be banned from Quora. Another upside about quora is that you can access other people's question threads about a product. In doing so, you get to learn more about the product without the posting hassle.

Best Consumer Product Review Sites

1. Trustpilot 

Another fantastic platform that offers access to multiple reviews is Trustpilot. The platform provides reviews that are user-generated. Trustpilot Originally functioned in Denmark alone. However, now it functions in sixty-five different markets, which include the United Kingdom.  So how did this platform grow, and why should you make use of their reviews?  Trustpilot, like all other platforms featured in this article, strives to:
  • Help consumers make informed and more intelligent purchases 
  • Help individuals purchase items with confidence 
Trustpilot believes that people who share ultimately care. Therefore, they offer a platform where individuals can share experiences in a transparent manner, all product-related.  In Trustpilot, you can ultimately interact with consumers, gain feedback about a product, and share your opinion. In doing so, you learn more about the product you are marketing from the user's point of view. You also get to market your product on the same platform, proactively though. With a simple email campaign, you can encourage multiple reviews on this platform. All you have to do is add on a link that directs people to this site, then leave the rest to them. Trustpilot also has another added advantage for online marketers. Once your product becomes popular on the site, they provide a separate listing in terms of search results. Therefore once a person searches for a product that you are marketing, your product is displayed first. With this functionality, you can ultimately gain more customers. 

2. Yelp 

Yelp is another consumer product site that is efficient. The site receives an average of 40.47 million users per month; those are many consumer reviews.  consumer review on yelp product review site Yelp offers a platform whereby a user can easily voice their opinions about a product via published reviews. The reviews are primarily focused on local businesses. Therefore you can gain information on any local product from this website.  Yelp has over 100 million reviews, and the number keeps on growing each day. Therefore for consumer product reviews, this should be the site to go to.  Conclusion  If you want to attract more consumers to your organization's products, then product reviews should be your first go-to place. We hope that the famous review sites discussed in this article will provide you with the information you require.