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Smart Site

Get beautifully designed websites to woo your clients with RateUsOnline’s SMART sites. Power-packed with features, a single-page SMART site can get your business up and running in as little as 24 hours.
SMART sites:
⦁ Add a professional touch to your online business.
⦁ Are your best bet against cutthroat online marketplace.
⦁ Are designed keeping your brand values on the forefront.
⦁ Are ideal for small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs on a shoestring budget.
⦁ Showcase your business with easy ordering, convenient payment options, and seamless navigational features.
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Your SMART site comes with:

HTTPS Security

Your SMART site comes with its own SSL security.

Multi-device compatibility

The responsive design will ensure that your website runs correctly on mobile, desktops, and tablets.

Social media support

Embed social media handles, videos, and feeds on your SMART site for quick access.

Live Customer Reviews

Link all your RateUsOnline reviews on your SMART site in real-time.

Access anytime, anywhere

Update, modify, or remove elements on your SMART site instantly from just about anywhere.

Customization options

Personalise your design, change the layouts, or add more colours as you like.

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