3 reasons why recommendations are important for your business

Word-of-mouth has become one of the most powerful formulas for businesses to attract customers to their online stores.Even with several advertising platforms available, people want to hear feedback about their online stores from the people they trust, friends and family.

This also includes previous customers who have left reviews about their experience with the business on their social media account or on a third-party review website.

Therefore, businesses need to strive for recommendations. The following three reasons will tell you why recommendations have become so important for businesses:

1. Creates Trust

BrightLocal revealed that 72% of people said that reading positive reviews about a local business online makes them trust the business more. With 7 out of 10 people stating that positive reviews help them trust the business, it is clear on how important recommendations are to a business success story. Businesses need to build trust through reviews by doing the following:

Choosing a customer-focused review platform

Continually ask for feedback from customers to show them that you care and use the negative feedback to improve your business model.

Reply to every positive and negative review, working to resolve the negative ones.

2. Increases Conversion

You want to provide visitors on your site with personalized recommendations. The statistics show:

Customers who engage with online recommendations are more likely to open 3 to 6 product pages.

These customers are also more likely to add products to their shopping cart and will return to the store to shop again.

3. Increases Revenue

Relevant product recommendations can increase revenue for businesses by 26%. You need to develop a product recommendations plan that should include collecting and compiling data, analyzing the data and delivering content based on it, studying the results, and taking appropriate measures to improve your campaign.

It is important for online businesses to develop a strategy and campaign that involves putting personalized production recommendations out there and requesting their customers to leave reviews about their products, services, and overall experience with them on their social media platforms or a third-party review site like RateUsOnline. RateUsOnline is a platform dedicated to endorsing quality businesses, services or products.

RateUsOnline builds awareness by promoting users businesses or services through written content or features on the RateUsOnline website, with the aim to help our users generate more sales.

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