4 Cool Rumors for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Date : Mar 19, 2020

Author : DR A Zayed

This year, Samsung is stepping up its game. With the Galaxy Z Flip and S20, fans are optimistic about the newest release – the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Before, people argued about the previous releases not having much to offer, aside from some minor tweaks and updates. 

But rumor has it, the Galaxy Note 20 is completely different. It has a lot to bring to the table then most people expect. From the Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Rumored Features, leaked tweaks to spec, here is all you need to know about this upcoming device. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Rumored Features

Fans are excited to get their hands on the Galaxy Note 20. With all the possible performance updates, what is there not to like? Let’s see what you can look forward to this year. 

1 – We Will Most Likely Get Two Models Instead of One

Majority of Notes that Samsung released only had a single model. But, in 2019, Samsung went “all-in” and released three Note versions (Note 10, 10+ and 10+ 5g). Odds are, the multi-billion dollar company will stick to this exact same strategy for the new release. Since the core feature of the Note 20 will be the 5g, chances are, we may get a Note 20+, S20, and 20 Ultra. 

woman hold smartphone at Samsung store

2 – Better Glass Construction, Bigger Screen, and Curved Edges

We have no idea how the device will look. But, it’s more than possible to make an educated guess. Samsung has kept its design consistent. Yet, we do expect to see some minor changes, like a refresh. We will probably get a: 

  • much bigger screen (since larger screens are the best-selling features), 
  • curved edges, 
  • improved camera quality, and performance
  • better glass construction

Samsung hasn’t confirmed any of these theories yet, but the odds are high. 

3 – Less Power Consumption Than Its Predecessors

Most devices sold today have very short battery life. To beat the competition, Samsung has to update its power consumption method. According to the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Rumored Features, this may be an option. The device is expected to emit less blue light, therefore limiting the battery consumption. 

Also, they did make their manufacturing process public, stating they used 7nm and 6nm processors for mobile devices. Since these chips are not as draining as other processors, this feature seems promising. Even with a slim design, the processor will still provide reliable use without draining the battery too fast.

4 – Quicker Charging Methods

The Galaxy Note 10 recharges in a flash. But, the latest Galaxy Note is expected to bring a new charging option to the table. Because of the latest material discovery – the gallium nitride, a bunch of phone manufacturers are already looking for a way to use the material to boost their charging devices. Samsung may already be part of the game. 

When Is the Release Date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20? 

There is still time before fans can finally get the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. There is no set date yet, but it’s rumored to come out in August 2020. If we take into account the last times Samsung released their devices, we can make a wild guess. Note 10 was revealed on August 7th, Note 9 on the 9th, and Note 8 on the 23rd. All Samsung Notes came out around the same time of the year, so, we will most likely get it by the end of August. Since these are all speculations, we just have to wait and see. 

What do you hope to get with the Note 20? Let us know in the comments.

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