Learning how to play a basic instrument when you are an adult might seem like a hard task. If you missed your guitar lessons when you were a kid, is it too late to learn a musical instrument as you’ve crossed over to 30? The answer to that question is No. It might surprise you to know that since you are more advanced in age, you have an advantage over little children when it comes to learning any musical instrument. The reason is that you already have an idea about music because you have listened to music for a long time, you can focus more on what you’re doing and you can tackle complicated concepts. Learning to play a musical instrument comes with various benefits such as: 1. It relieves stress Various studies have been conducted that have proved how helpful music is in terms of stress. When you were a child you were carefree and you had no worries but now you’re grown and life is hitting you. You need something that can ease your stress and this is where music comes in. It has been proven that music helps to release dopamine in certain areas of the brain, the same enzyme that is released during sex or when you take drugs and food. It is hard to find areas in the brain that does not react to music. Music also helps to reduce depression and anxiety levels. 2. It helps exercise the brain When you’re above 30 and you learn how to play a musical instrument, you are training your brain to stay sharp and alert. A sharp brain waves off dementia and gives you the ability to have a wonderful life quality with a sound brain. Music can also help you feel better when having mood swings. 3. Learning a musical instrument is a great way to make friends. As you grow older, being social and making friends can be challenging. Many might have gone through a divorce, the kids are no longer home because they’ve moved out making them all by themselves. Learning a musical instrument is a wonderful way to get into the world and meet others. Your first interaction might be between you and your teacher but as time progresses, you would meet other learners just like yourself who want to learn how to play. These people could end up being your good friends and you can say goodbye to being alone. Probably after many years, you all can decide to start a band. 4. Music helps boost your self-esteem Earning how to play a musical instrument is a great way to boost your self-esteem. If you have self-esteem issues, you can start practicing at home. There are different courses online that would teach you all you need to know on how to play a musical instrument ranging from guitars, pianos, saxophones, etc. Once you start learning and start getting it right, you become assured that you can do whatever you want to if you believe you can. 5. Music strengthens reading skills Music and reading are connected through a neural and cognitive mechanism and so, the more you train, the more your reading skills are sharpened. Many believe that when you start aging, you are less likely to learn anything new. That is a lie! Your age doesn’t define you and so do not let that believe stop you from learning things you were able to learn when you were young. Consider learning any musical instrument if your choice and you would feel the benefits in your brain, body, and soul.