5 Ways To Reduce Spreading Coronavirus Or Any Other Virus In The Workplace

Date : Mar 05, 2020

Author : DR A Zayed

After being discovered at the end of 2019, the world has quickly begun talking – and even fearing – the spreading of the coronavirus. Also known as the COVID-19 virus, the latest Coronavirus situation report from the World Health Organization reports that almost 90,000 people are now confirmed to be affected by the virus worldwide.

Spreading of the coronavirus is a serious concern. There are, however, other common viruses affecting the workplace too. When workers become infected with these viruses, they require sick days off from work. This means a reduction in the workplace’s productivity. Ultimately, this affects the profit and success of the company itself. We consider a few effective techniques to reduce the spreading of viruses in the office.

Ill man in glasses feeling sick, coughing, wearing protective mask

Ill man in glasses feeling sick, coughing, wearing a protective mask

1. Utilize The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Five-Step Process

First up, consider the five-step process that has been developed by the HSE. These steps help an employer set out a specific infection prevention system in the workplace.

The five steps that are part of the HSE process include:

 1 – Identify any present hazards

 2 – Identify workers at the highest risk

 3 – Evaluate current risks identified

 4 – Record findings that are noteworthy

 5 – Review risk management frequently

These steps can help the employee recognize any potential threats that could increase the likeliness of viruses spreading in the workplace.

2. Thoroughly Disinfect Surfaces Frequently

Simply cleaning the surface with a regular duster may not be efficient for effectively presenting infestations from viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms. It is crucial that the employer ensures an appropriate disinfectant product is used in the office.

A high-quality and effective surface disinfectant should be used on all office desks. This ensures any viruses that may have entered the office can be killed before more people become infected.

Cleaners at the office need to be notified that they should use the disinfectant on all surfaces they clean around the office. Skipping some surfaces increases the chance of spreading viruses between workers in the office.

3. Get Employees To Wash Their Hands

A good hygiene program should include getting all employees in the office to regularly washing their hands. It is also important to use an effective disinfectant hand wash product. The employer needs to ensure this disinfectant hand wash is safe for everyday use.

The hand wash should be added to all bathrooms in the workplace. This includes both male and female bathrooms if they are separated.

Having an additional disinfectant hand sanitizer product around the office can also be useful. Get employees to use hand sanitizer frequently.

4. Educate Employees On Infection Prevention Strategies

Employees should be provided with information about the importance of implementing appropriate prevention strategies. This includes obtaining flu vaccinations before the winter season, for example. The employer may also consider getting a healthcare facility to provide vaccinations for employees at the office. Employees should also be made aware of any specific steps the employer is taking to prevent the spreading of viruses in the workplace.

5. Watch Out For Sick Employees

Another important factor is for management staff to look out for sick employees. It is better to give one employee a few days off to recover, compared to allowing them to work and risking the virus spreading to other employees in the workplace.


Coronavirus is spreading, but this is not the only virus that is causing people to take off from work. Recognizing opportunities for reducing the risk of spreading viruses in the workplace can help to provide a boost in productivity. This also leads to a reduction in off days required by sick patients.



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