Apple seems to be creating a unique sci-fi headset, allegedly called "Apple Glass Headgear," that can completely change the way we see the world around us. In fact, iOS 14 leak reveals Apple Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) controller, and testing software is underway. The company seems to be using hardware similar to HTC Vive to test their latest device. These are one-of-a-kind glasses that use a combination of VR and augmented reality technology. Allegedly, the headgear should be out for sale by 2021.

Is This The First Time Apple Is Working With HTC?

This is not the first time these multi-million dollar companies have worked together. Just a few years ago, Apple and HTC worked to develop its VR project. They focused on making the macOS Mojave compatible with VR. They’ve been working on mutual projects ever since. In 2017, Apple used HTC headsets to test the product.    There are some speculations; the two are working on a controller for the headset. Even though there is no confirmation yet, it does make sense. Users are looking for the most immersive experience they can get. Having something as simple as a controller can make all the difference. Without one, it would be a little difficult to interact with the glasses, let alone use the VR tech to its full potential. There is also another speculation of why the two are working together. They could be using their partnership to develop both Augmented and Virtual reality experiences. This will give developers the ability to interact and create some amazing 3D environments.

What Makes These Glasses Special?

So far, only specific devices could use Augmented Reality, such as iPads and iPhones. But with the latest technological advances, Apple showed they are no strangers when it comes to improvement. Now they are working to develop their future product even further and seemingly better than anything else currently available on the market. With its own processor, display, and unique tech, these sci-fi glasses can take VR to a whole new level. The iOS 14 leak reveals Apple AR or VR controller, and testing software is most likely ongoing.  It appears that the device projects images, messages, and other features in real-time. These are all computer-generated objects that otherwise don’t exist. Augmented reality makes that possible. But that's not all. These gadgets are expected to be so advanced they will allow users to enjoy VR games, explore touristic attractions, learn about various landmarks, or locate destinations all from the comfort of their home. Of course, these are just leaked speculations and information. The company hasn’t acknowledged the glasses yet.

How Will These do Glasses Look Like?

So far, the shape and size of the headset haven’t been confirmed yet. But, from what we can tell, these gadgets will look very similar to regular glasses, just instead of typical glass, they will be equipped with a very thin screen. Each of them will have their own small processor attached to the side of the device. From these leaks, we can see that the company is indeed working with VR tech. But, only time will tell how far they have come. We are left with these speculations until we get confirmed information. Even though the two companies may or may not be collaborating on this major project, it’s safe to say the finished piece will be a highly polished version when it hits the market. The amount of time spent on testing and improving the product, and secrecy, shows that Apple is indeed taking it very seriously.