Foods That Are Linked to Stroke You Should Stay Away From

Date : Mar 03, 2020

Author : DR A Zayed

Around 795,000 individuals experience a stroke every year solely in the U.S, research shows. This health issue is estimated to cost the country a staggering $34 billion every single year, which makes it a serious life-threatening and extremely expensive condition to deal with.

But, what most people don’t know is that 80% of stroke cases are preventable, meaning you don’t have to spend an absurd amount of money or put your life in danger. As long as you take the right approach, you will always be on the right track, especially if you know which foods to steer clear of.

Different foods have been linked to different types of strokes, and learning to stay away from them can make a difference.

Why Do Your Food Choices Matter?

While some people may doubt the effects of a good diet, studies show it has a huge influence. A solid diet can reduce the chance of stroke up to 80%, and when paired with other healthy behaviors like exercise, for example, the rates can easily go above 80%. But, as much as a good diet can help you prevent stroke, bad food choices can have the complete reverse effects. It makes people more vulnerable to coronary heart diseases, especially stroke.

Which Foods Should You Steer Clear Of?

A typical Western diet can increase the risk of stroke by a shocking 58%. Different foods have been linked to different types of strokes.  If you want to stay healthy, then you need to know what your foods to skip. Here are the most dangerous foods for your heart health:

 * Salt

 * Red meat

 * Cholesterol-Rich foods

 * Diet Soda

1.   Salt

Not every type of salt can affect the heart. In fact, there are two versions of salt, the unrefined and the processed version. The processed version is most widely used in processed foods. It’s devoid of any natural nutrients and is packed with chemical preservatives that increase the chance of heart issues and cancer by 20%.

The unrefined version, like Himalayan salt, for example, is completely different. This type of ingredient is a vital component in many biological processes. It boosts the overall cardiovascular health by keeping the blood pressure in check and the proper lining of the blood vessels.

2.   Red Meat

Processed red meat has a similar negative effect on cardiovascular health as processed salt does. It’s packed with additives and chemicals that make it a lot harder for the system to absorb any nutrients and carry them to the heart. But, grass-fed meat, no matter if it’s red meat or poultry, is excellent for the health. It promotes a healthy body, heart, and properly functioning system.

3.   Cholesterol-Rich Foods

Supplying the body with an excessive amount of cholesterol causes massive fatty deposits to stack in the arteries. In the long run, these deposits can cause stiffness and narrow passage walls for the blood to travel, which increases the chance of blood clotting and stroke.

4.   Diet Soda

According to research, people who consume diet soda or any other drink packed with artificial sweeteners have a higher risk of experiencing stroke than those who avoid these drinks altogether. Excessive consumption has the chance to deteriorate the heart’s health with time and expose it to potential heart diseases in the future.


Since stroke can happen without warning, it’s crucial to take the right steps and prevent this health issue. For those looking to take the proper measures, it’s important to start removing certain foods from your diet. In the long run, this can help you obtain your goals for a healthy life.

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