For some people, one of the most daunting things about getting in shape is the physical act of going to the gym. Not all people are comfortable with working out and often find themselves feeling intimidated in a group workout setting, while nothing might make you feel the same as hitting the iron in the gym but isn't the same situation for everyone. Furthermore, as modern lifestyles get busier than ever, it’s hard to take the time out and dedicate yourself to a gym or a class. The fitness industry has had to expand and take advantage of the modern technologies available to come up with virtual gyms!

What Is A Virtual Gym?

Thanks to the advent of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, smartphones, and subscription-based video services, the fitness industry has a new avenue to explore. This particular avenue is the virtual gym. While it may seem like a complicated and far-fetched idea when you first hear it, it’s pretty simple. All that a virtual gym does is make the gym more accessible to you whenever you need it. [caption id="attachment_3807" align="alignnone" width="2000"] woman boxing in the gym[/caption] Gyms can do this through an app on the smartphone, a website, or even a subscription-based service. The possibilities are endless, as more and more consumers want greater control over where and how they work out, virtual gyms are going to become increasingly popular. All mobile app stores are filled to the brim with fitness apps that work as virtual gyms. Most of these apps also contain virtual trainers that show you how to maintain your form correctly.

Why Are Virtual Gyms Becoming Increasingly Popular?

The market for virtual gyms continues to grow as more and more people move toward active lifestyles. One of the aspects of modern life is that people are more inclined towards living a healthy life. Part of that healthy lifestyle is exercising. Increasing amounts of people are moving towards virtual gyms in the form of fitness apps, instead of the real gyms. Users feel that virtual gyms are becoming increasingly more functional and accessible. They also think that these provide beginners with the opportunity to work out at their own pace. The virtual gyms give new gym-goers the ability to work in an environment where they feel the most comfortable. Furthermore, another reason why these gyms are becoming increasingly popular is due to their pricing. A yearly subscription to an actual gym is considerably more expensive than a virtual gym in comparison. These same plans are also more flexible than real gym plans. As the popularity of virtual gyms and fitness programs increases, all major gyms are looking to launch their virtual fitness platforms. Several gyms are looking to release their personal fitness applications that contain prerecorded workout instructions from their trainers. Users can look to view these workouts at any time and at any speed. It is all about bringing you closer than ever to the gym without actually having to go to the gym. Additionally, several studies also showcase that the incentive to workout increases when there’s an alternative game attached to the routine. Several companies are looking to take advantage of this by releasing virtual reality fitness games; there are a few already out and are becoming increasingly popular! The future of the world is digital, and it’s safe to say that the fitness world is following suit. In the future, you expect virtual memberships to overtake actual gym memberships significantly. Who doesn’t want to carry virtual gyms and fitness regimes around with them wherever they go? Also if you manage or own a fitness business or offer personal training, then sign up to RateUsOnline for free and improve your online visibility to attract more clients. RateUsOnline rewards businesses for great reviews, by featuring these services in RateUsOnline's daily business-related articles, on RateUsOnline's homepage, and on RateUsOnline's social media pages. For more information please contact us at