How Can We Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

Date : Mar 04, 2020

Author : DR A Zayed

Mental health issues are a massive burden for any workplace around the globe. Solely in the U.S., more than 44 million people have reported having various types of mental disorders, statistics show. That accounts for almost 1 in every five citizens in the U.S, which is 18.3% of the adult population.

Do have in mind that an average individual will dedicate more than 90,000 hours of their entire life to work. With working taking a predominant part in people’s lives, it’s safe to say that trying to improve mental well-being will have a major impact on the overall productivity and success in the workplace. In fact, it will make employees 12% more productive and bring in more revenue.

Of course, we all have some ups and downs, but for a company to thrive, all employees should be able to do their best and work in a productive environment. Here are four tricks that can help us achieve exactly that.

1.   Overcome the Stigma That Overshadows Mental Illness

More than 76 million people in the U.S. live in fear that their colleagues or friends will figure out they have a mental health issue. They are afraid their health will be the main reason they won’t get the promotion or job they deserve.

Stressed female employee massaging temples suffering from headache working too long at computer

Stressed female employee massaging temples suffering from headache working too long at the computer

To solve this problem, it’s important to be open about stress, mental diseases, and illnesses in meetings and open communication. Promoting self-care and awareness about these difficulties will help employees feel more accepted and willing to speak and get treatment.

2.   Make a Comfortable Working Environment Where All Feel Welcome

The survey shows that a staggering 94% of U.S. workers don’t feel comfortable at work. Instead, they feel stressed out and extremely discouraged. While only 6% report being satisfied with their current workplace. These results show just how important it is for employees to feel welcome.

That’s why it’s vital for everyone working together to have a solid foundation of trust. Everyone employed at the company must have a comfortable communication level so that they can better use the resources and dedicate enough time and effort to get the work done. If workers don’t have that trust, it will make it incredibly difficult for them to plan projects and assignments together and work with clients. Therefore, they will end up feeling stressed.

3.   Mental Wellness Should Be a Top Priority

It’s a good idea to promote healthy living, exercise, and various activities to relieve stress. But, for a business to thrive, it’s vital that business owners make mental health a priority. By reminding their workers of the importance of good habits, a healthy mind, and body, they will always create a clear path for employees to improve their skills and work on their wellbeing.

4.   Invest in Self-Care and Mental Wellness Events In the Workplace

WHO analytics shows that mental issues, particularly anxiety and depression, account for a trillion dollars worth of productivity loss every year on a global scale. That means that the success of a company could entirely depend on how well their employees manage their mental wellness.

Based on the latest trends, a lot of companies, industries, and huge businesses are embracing the importance of mental awareness and emotional health. Multi-million dollar companies are now focusing some of their resources on life coaches and therapists to allow employees to get the help they need.

They cover the expenses for employees’ therapy sessions or open in-house offices for counselors to make sure that anxiety or depression doesn’t affect their employees’ productivity.

Final Thoughts

The importance of mental wellness, solid physical, and emotional health is a key turning point for any industry or workplace that wants to thrive. With these management tips, both employees and employers can figure out how to deal with this issue and bolster their productivity at work.


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