How Robots Are Being Used for Fish Farming

Date : Mar 13, 2020

Author : DR A Zayed

Fish farming, a form of aquaculture, helps to bring fish to the table easier than ever. With the different types of fish being commercially raised in fish tanks or fish ponds, everyone can buy various types of fresh fish for an affordable price.

But fish farming requires a lot of work, time, and resources – things that we often struggle to find, especially now that the fish industry is growing more than ever. This is where robots, yes, you read that right, come in handy!

fish under water

Robots helping the fish aquaculture

Robots have advanced so many aspects of our lives, making them a lot easier than they used to be. From robots helping surgeons performing surgery to robots that are helping us clean our homes – there is no denying the fact that they are very much welcomed and needed. So it should not come as a surprise to hear that robots are now advancing the fish farming industry as well.

Each day people that are working in the fish farming industry engage in what may be a routine activity, but it also can be a true rollercoaster at the same time, risking their lives. For example, imagine that you need to walk around a cage placed in the ocean and there is a one-and-a-half-meter wave coming at you. Would you not rather avoid that? 

With the help of the friendly robots now we can find safer and more effective solutions for routine activities that have to be done and yet are known to put the lives of these people in danger. Think about having to swim in between the fish to check upon them. You no longer have to now that you can rely on Boston Engineering’s Ghost Swimmer that can be shaped in different fish forms that can even swim like one of your fish and do regular daily check-ups when needed.

In Europe, many fish farms include robots to do the dirty work for them and that means net cleaning. They are using robots to clean the nets and maintain a clean and safe environment for their fish farms.

And have you heard about the TowDrone – a seventeen-foot long, self-driving tow-boat which has been developed by the Response Marine of Newburyport, MA that can tow a fish cage on its own? This is one popular robot that many fish farms have included in their work, thus making it easier for their workers to tow those cages with ease.

Another way in which robots can help fish farmers is by caring for the fish. Often, these fish farms are cages that are placed far in the ocean. This means that these fish will need to be fed, taken care of, and visited each day – all of which are activities that require a lot of time and resources now that you have placed your fish cage in the middle of the ocean. But instead of sending off people to feed the fish, there is the option of using a network of sensors that monitor the environmental conditions of the cage which would include the oxygen levels, the temperature, etc. The received information can be later sent to a computer that will determine exactly how much food and exactly when it should be released to the fish. And where would that information be sent off to if not to an automated food dispenser that will feed your fish for you. 






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