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How to Enjoy a Night Out in a Bar on a student Budget

Date : Oct 16, 2019

Author : Alexander B

Partying is the part and parcel of student life. While you can also go to a bar during your corporate life, the enjoyment and entertainment of going to a bar as a student are irreplaceable. However, students are often constrained by their budgets because such affairs tend to be considerably expensive. Follow these tips to enjoy in a bar on a student budget.  

1. Check Your Wallet

Do not go to a bar and spend without proper planning, or else you may have to regret your decision. Instead, check how much money you can spend at the maximum before heading out.

2. Look for Drink Specials

Have you ever looked for the drink specials before picking a bar? Usually, bars have deals and drink specials with meaty discounts. Sometimes, these deals are based on the day of the week; for instance, some bars promote drink specials only on Tuesdays. On their part, this is a business decision to attract audiences.

However, you can take advantage of this marketing strategy to provide relief to your wallet. To find these deals, you can look into social media pages, Yelp links, and websites of your preferred bars.

3. Practice Pre-Gaming

Pre-gaming is a popular budget-saving tip where an individual undergoes alcoholic intake at home before going to the bar. This technique helps in quenching the thirst for alcohol and allows students to save money by having a lighter intake at the bar.

However, according to a previous study, pre-gaming can lead to blackouts and other issues. Therefore, you should consider how much you drink before you go out.

4. Don’t Get Caught Up on Shots

Shots are impulsive and expensive. Shots incite others to become emotionally invested and therefore they can compel you to lose all of your money at once if you do not act responsibly.

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