How to Reinvent Your Business through Social Media Marketing?

Date : Jan 02, 2020

Author : Alexander B from RateUsOnline

Domino’s Pizza is a renowned brand in the fast-food industry. The pizzeria began its operations during the 1960s, and in 2017, it was reported to be one of the biggest pizza chains in the world. While there are several other food brands that were popular in the 20th century, not everyone could achieve the success that Domino did. So, what did they do differently?

The management at Domino’s realized that in order to adapt to the changing customer trends, they need the might of social media marketing. Hence, from early on, the company decided to use Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to market its products and services.

However, Domino’s was not all about promotions. They leveraged social media to improve their customer feedback and retention rates. Customers were encouraged to communicate their complaints by messaging the brand directly or tweeting about it. Whether a client got the wrong topping or a cold pizza delivered, the process allowed the company to address client grievances in real-time as each customer was treated separately. As a result, its customers began feeling more valued.

By the beginning of 2010, Domino’s become more and more reliant on social media as highlighted by the company’s aim to double its online sales within the next five years. To do this, they allowed users to order pizza by using the pizza slice emoji on Twitter with the #EasyOrder hashtag. Incorporating social media features like emoji made a noticeable impact as young adults began to form a bond with the brand.

Social media marketing was ultimately successful. Within a short period of time, the company improved its online sales by 50% while increasing impressions on social media.

Learning from Domino’s

Domino’s may belong to the fast-food industry, but Domino’s examples have highlighted to businesses from all sectors how useful social media marketing can become in re-vitalizing and improving the revenues of a business.

So consider the following tips to reinvent your business through social media marketing.

  • Use the latest trends. These trends may have a short life-span but if they are used effectively, then it can help your brand to grow quicker.
  • Trying to tempt users through a single post is counter-productive. All of your posts must be personalized to address a specific target audience.
  • Post discounts and vouchers on social media pages.
  • Competitor analysis is always rewarding. Check out your competitors and identify if they are being successful with a specific social media marketing
  • Invest in a social media analytics tool to monitor and track your customer engagement statistics.

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