Do you manage a restaurant? Are you looking for a strategy to increase restaurant sales? Do you know that it is possible to attract customers through colours? Research indicates that the colours of a restaurants interior can subconsciously induce a positive perception in the minds of customers. The right choice of colour can evoke hunger while the use of the wrong colour can alienate the customer from food. Consider the following colour configurations and use them wisely in your restaurant. Light Colours If you have a small-scale restaurant, then use light colours like white, light grey or beige for painting. These colours make a restaurant appear much bigger than it actually is. Colours such as white exudes a welcoming aura and make customers feel at home. Relaxing Colours The colour green has been associated with nature since forever. It radiates a comforting feel; therefore it is an excellent choice to make customers feel relaxed. Likewise, if you have a restaurant which excels in the delivery of healthy meals, then using painting your restaurant walls in green is probably a good idea. However, green is not suitable for all types of setups. If you have a pub or bar, then green can create a negative effect on your customers. Other than green, you can also use the colour brown to produce a relaxing air in your restaurant. Keep in mind that brown works best when used sparingly. Negative colours The incorrect use of blue and purple may have been the hidden factor behind your plummeting sales. The human mind links purple and blue to toxins. Therefore, they reduce customers hunger and thirst. If you think about the number of naturally purple or blue coloured foods, then the thought gives further credibility that they are not the best food colours. However, if you must use them, then it is possible to avoid negative results by combining other colours with them. Follow the above-mentioned tips to increase restaurant sales and assess your sales after a few months. You might be pleasantly surprised in the end. In addition, if you own a restaurant or bar or you belong to the catering industry, then sign up for free on RateUsOnline. We can advertise your brand through high-quality content that promotes your services.