Almost 3% of adults in the U.S. have weak immunity, statistics show. The weaker the immune system, the higher the chance of contracting a virus or a bacteria.  Nutrients, such as vitamins D, C, A, and E, can improve immunity and protect the body. But, no "miracle diet" will increase the body's natural defences overnight. That's where immune-boosting foods come into play.  If you want to figure out how to cope better with the coronavirus pandemic, you are in for a treat. We have collected a list of healthy foods that can help you make a difference. Here is all you need to know about them. 

8 Immune Boosting Foods You Need to Eat

Until we get a vaccine, our immune system will be the first line of defence against the coronavirus and other bacterial infections.  It's a multi-purpose defence mechanism that fends off invading organisms and bacteria. That's why it is essential to boost your immune system during the COVID-19. Eating healthy can help you achieve that.
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While you can't rely on food to prevent the disease, it can shape the body to tackle the invading pathogens with ease. Here are a few immune-boosting foods you should add to your diet. 

1. Broccoli

Broccoli is an all-time favourite. It has the nutrients and minerals that make it the ultimate immune booster. You are getting:   • Plenty of Vitamin C (over 65% of the recommended daily intake just from 1/2 cup)   • Selenium with immune-boosting properties   • Extra Vitamin K, phosphorous, zinc, and magnesium   • Enough antioxidants and beta-carotene Due to their beneficial properties, this food is highly fIt's also one of the essential food choices for a fully-functioning immune system. 

2. Red Bell Peppers

If you think these veggies lack enough vitamin C, think again. Just an ounce of these nutrient-rich foods is packed with over three times the vitamin C amount you get in citrus. They contain 127 mg of this vitamin, which is more than enough to get the system under control. In other words, with just a half a cup of these veggies, you are getting more than 150% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin C.   The vitamin's immune-boosting properties should be your top priority.  With Vitamin C, the system gets plenty of beta carotene, which is known for rejuvenating the skin and keeping the eyes healthy.  Another reason is the antioxidants. They help the antibodies in the human system to build up a defence. Plus, they shield the organs from harmful infections. 

3. Poultry

It may look like an odd choice, but poultry, especially chicken, is an excellent source of zinc. People think of chicken as a typical fast-food option. But, there is more to chicken than it meets the eye. Boiling it or adding it to soups can have some fantastic properties.  With this choice of food, you are supplying your system with plenty of nutrients with anti-inflammatory compounds. They are known to improve the body's natural immune response.  But that's not all!  With warm chicken soup, you can clear out the nasal passages, speed up rejuvenation, and help the body recover quicker.

4. Carrots

According to the Cleveland Clinic, carrots have more to offer than just protect the eyes. They are packed with Vitamin A, which is essential in strengthening immunity and preventing bacterial infections.  The reason for that is relatively simple. These veggies have carotenoids that the body uses to convert into vitamin A.  Without this vitamin, the body will have trouble functioning with full force. In case of a deficiency, it can cause liver problems, affect the fat malabsorption, and result in all sorts of problems for the human system. In the end, it starts to impair immunity and makes the body vulnerable to disease.  Adding carrots to your diet can change that. It will give your immune system the boost you are hoping for.

5. Blueberries

These fruits are a staple for boosting the immune system and respiratory tract. Based on clinical reports, they are natural immune boosters, and it is all thanks to their flavonoids.  Flavonoids are known for their antioxidant compounds and can help with a series of health problems. People mainly use them to overcome the common cold and avoid respiratory tract infections. Since COVID-19 is a respiratory illness, adding plenty of blueberries to your diet can come in handy.  The goal is to strengthen the system and avoid respiratory complications. 

6. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has a lot to offer. Aside from its sweet taste, it can strengthen the immune system. The cacao in the food is packed with phenolic compounds, which have immune-strengthening properties. They replenish the natural defences in the human body and help build up a resistance to invading pathogens.  Dark chocolate bar whole and chopped in a ceramic plate But, when the body doesn't have that resistance or the natural defences are too weak, you become susceptible to diseases. With dark chocolate, you get to enjoy a sweet treat and build up an immunity at the same time.  The key is to eat in moderation. 

7. Garlic

Garlic is another excellent addition to fending off germs and bacteria.  To analyze the full effect of this food, researchers evaluated 146 individuals who took garlic supplements. The group who consumed the supplements decreased their chances of developing a cold by 63%. And those who already had a cold shortened the infection by 70%.  The key to its disease-battling capabilities lies in the allicin. This is a potent compound naturally present in the garlic. It interferes with the white blood cells and helps battle the invading pathogens. 

8. Turmeric

Most people use it as a spice. Others prefer to use it as a natural remedy. Yet, not everyone is fully aware of its immune-boosting properties.  That's right; turmeric would make an excellent addition to any diet for those looking to build a natural resistance to infections.  Since it contains plenty of curcumin, it is packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The way it works is quite impressive. Turmeric enhances the immunomodulating capacity of the human body.  When the system is under a lot of stress, for example, from the common cold, the curcumin will give it a slight boost. The natural compounds in the curcumin can stimulate the nerve centre and help balance out the effects of the infection.  With long-term usage, the body builds up a natural resistance and can better-overcome diseases. 


As you can see, many foods can strengthen your immunity. But the list here focuses on some of the most efficient immune-boosting foods. If you include them in a well-balanced diet and are mindful of the food you eat, you will be on the right track to boosting your immunity.