Positive reviews can help improve sales by 31%

Why are positive reviews important for businesses? Regardless of the size of your business, positive reviews can improve sales. They can make or break a business, which is why they are so important for a business long-term success.

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The following statistics shed light on the importance of positive reviews and how they influence the growth of sales:

31%of consumers are more likely to spend money on a business with several positive reviews

80%of consumers will take action after they read a positive review.

92%of consumers will purchase from a local business if it has a 4-star rating.

These statistics taken from surveys should tell you about the emphasis consumers place on positive reviews, making them one of the most integral parts of their buying decision. For this reason, you need to take measures to ensure your business receives several positive reviews.

The Search for Positive Reviews

With so many consumers using positive reviews to base their decision on whether they need to buy or not, you need to provide your customers with a positive shopping experience so that they leave a positive review about your business on third-party review online platforms, likeRateUsOnline.

If you want to increase the chances of your customers leaving positive feedback , you will need to prompt them. You can prompt them via email, text message, in person, if applicable, and even through incentives.

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You need to engage with them on reviews sites, social media, and forums. Most importantly, you need to fulfill your goal to have repeat customers by paying special attention to current customers. Encourage them to leave a feedback and provide them with exclusive promotional offers for being a loyal customer.

Respond to negative reviews

If a customer does leave a negative review, address it, but never get defensive. In short, the more customers love your products and services, they more they will show love for your business by leaving you positive reviews and buying more from you, thus increasing your sales.