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Psychology of Interior Design

Date : Oct 03, 2019

Author : Alexander B

For most people, their home is their ultimate sanctuary where they can relax and seek comfort after a long and tiring day. Therefore, it is important to understand the psychology of interior design so you can improve the quality of life in your home. Below are three things you should consider.

1.The Impact of Colours

Colours have a long-lasting effect on the subconscious mind of human beings. They influence the emotions, behaviours, and actions of humans to a surprising extent.

For example, the use of red colour evokes passion and power and adds intimacy to the interior of your home. Similarly, blue exudes calmness and serenity, which makes it ideal for your bathroom or kitchen walls. To learn more about colours, we suggest reading the Theory of Colours.”

2.Objects in Your Home

By reviewing the objects in an individual home, it is possible to learn about their personality, likes and dislikes. Sociologist Jean Baudrillard explains that every object in your home has its own unique function. From the showpieces on your coffee table to the hanging painting on your wall, every object in your home tells something about you. Baudrillard believes that when a guest visits your home, their mind analyzes four metrics on all items. The four metrics are below:

Sign – The status symbol of the item.

Symbolic – The emotional attachment of the item (like a photo frame with a family member) which is associated with your personal life.

Exchange – The actual value of the item.

Function – The purpose of the item.

3.The Illusion

While designing the interior of a home, designers often use a strategy known as the perception of space. This concept is based on the understanding that a home should look more spacious than it actually is, and it focuses on creating user-friendly rooms. In order to achieve this, they depend upon a number of visual tricks.

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