Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, phone sales are now on a downward spiral. In February, the global shipments plummeted by 38%. This is the highest sales drop for smartphones in history.  Yet, despite the unfavourable market, rumours and speculations for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 are still going strong. On February 11th, we saw the second folding smartphone – the Galaxy Z Flip. But now Samsung is going even further with the newest edition, which may be called Galaxy Z Fold 2.   Samsung Galaxy Fold This device is expected to maintain the original folding design with a lot more tweaks and updates to the performance. Here are all the latest speculations on this device, including its possible release date. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Specs

Design: Same Look, But Improved

• Features an S Pen

• Glass and aluminium version

• Ceramic version

• Stainless steel frame

• Black, pink, gold, silver, and blue

Plenty of speculations suggest we are getting two versions: ceramic and aluminium one - the second one being the cheaper alternative. From the little information we do have, Samsung will most likely stick to the same folding style as we’ve seen with the original Galaxy Fold, but with a larger screen. Also, there may be plenty of space to feature an S Pen. 


Previous predictions estimated we would get an 8-inch display. However, some have speculated the 7.7-inch one is what we are going to get. It’s still too early to tell, but whatever Samsung picks, it will, however, be bigger than the original Folded version. Other than that, there aren’t any other rumours about the display. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYXtKAHEEmI

Cameras: Plenty of Space for Improvement

The previous Fold edition took the camera from the GalaxyS10 Plus from last year. So, odds are, the newest addition will do the same thing. We are expecting both rear (12 megapixels) and front (10 megapixels) covers with a pretty wide angle.  Now, when it comes to the inner screen, the original Fold version featured a giant cutout shaped like a thumb with two lenses and sensors. The finished version appeared too bulky and took too much space. According to speculations, Samsung will probably focus on minimising the camera design for the inner screen and may even shrink it to complement the design.  


Every smartphone must have a good battery life; the Galaxy Fold 2 is no exception. If the speculations are accurate, we could be getting 4,500 or 5,000mAh, which easily tops the original Fold battery with 4,380mAh.  We are also expecting the company to maintain the reverse wireless charging. This is an option that allows the phone to charge up pretty quickly, probably at 25 watts. 

Hardware: Possible Tweaks

  • 5G Compatible
  • 865 Snapdragon
The hardware section remains a mystery. From all the rumours, we are expecting an 865 Snapdragon Qualcomm and 5G compatibility. It will probably have plenty of storage compared to some of the other older models. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Release Date

Some rumours suggest we should be expecting the Fold 2 smartphone to debut in summer, probably July or August. The CEO of the Display Supply Chain, Ross Young, believes Samsung won’t experience any delays from the epidemic, and the production will remain on schedule.  Even though plenty of fans can’t wait to get a hold of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, there isn’t any conclusive information on the release date. Sadly, we just have to wait and see.  So keep your eyes out for any credible news on the Fold 2. There will be plenty of other rumours surfacing for this highly anticipated device.