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Selecting The Perfect Caterer

Date : Sep 25, 2019

Author : Alexander B

Catering is one of the major components that can either make or break an event. The food served at your function is something that will improve your guest’s experience and it is because of this reason you need to make sure you choose a caterer that is perfect for your event.

So, here are a few tips that will help you to choose that perfect caterer.

1. Can They Caterer To Your Event?

Events differ and while there are some caterers out there that are great at almost all forms of event catering, it is important to make sure that the caterer you are considering does have the experience to handle your type of event. For instance, if you are organizing a ballroom event, you do not want to hire a caterer that is used to barbeque events.

2. Can They Accommodate A Flexible Menu?

Almost all caterers will have a menu that you can pick from. However, any customer-oriented caterer should be willing to be flexible enough to work with a customized menu for any event. This is important in case you are expecting guests that have dietary needs or if you want to make a menu that follows the theme of your event.

3. Can They Accommodate Tastings?

As an organizer, before you can confidently present anything to your guests, you have to be sure to have vetted it first. This includes the food at the event. The caterer’s ability to provide tasting is very important so that you do not have any mishaps on the day of your event.

4. Are They Clear On The Terms Of Contract And Cancellation?

When doing business with anyone, it is important to have the terms of the contract clearly stated out. This is no different when it comes to a catering contract. It is important to know exactly what you are paying for and what you are getting. It is also important to know what the contract states in terms of a cancellation plan. This is your safety net as an organizer and it would help you to prepare a proper backup plan.

5. Reviews and Recommendations

It is important to get references and to make sure your caterer checks out. BrightLocal revealed that 72% of people said that reading positive reviews about a local business online makes them trust the business more. This would help you to judge if the caterer is as good as advertised or not. When checking reviews, it is ok to check both online reviews and reach out to past clients.

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