The importance of Chatbots in marketing

The last few years have seen AI (artificial intelligence) advance by leap and bounds. Organizations are incorporating different AI applications to revitalise their businesses. One of these applications is chatbots, an AI-based program that converse with humans via audio or text. Go through the following examples to understand the use of chatbots in marketing.

Efficient Customer Service

Consider a potential customer who is interested in buying your product or availing your services. They call you to inquire about additional information, only to be repulsed by the waiting time.

Chatbots have made quite a few value additions in the traditional call center industry. Companies are leveraging them to automate their customer services. A chatbot does not inconvenience customers with long waiting times and is quick to answer multiple queries with precise, short, and informative answers.

Valuable Customer Insights

Another use of chatbots in marketing is the analysis of customer data. When customers interact with humans, then humans cannot memorise their details or perform complex calculations simultaneously.

However, chatbots are not limited by human capabilities. They have the ability to store huge amounts of data from customer interactions. Afterward, they can run business intelligence operations on the date acquired. This means that a chatbot’s machine learning algorithms can provide insights on consumer habits. Once the data from an extensive list of customers is accumulated and gathered, marketing strategies can then be tailored to suit the needs of individual customers.

Personalised Advertisements

Suppose you have a customer (Mr. A) who regularly shops from your e-commerce website. Mr. A often purchases graphics cards, mouse, headphones, and other computer products for PC gaming. What if there is a tool that can analyse Mr. A’s spending habits and preferred list of products to offer him customised ads for similar products?

When chatbots collect personal information from customers, they can assist in marketing to create personalised advertisements, thereby boosting sales conversion.

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