LG’s future mobile device will apparently be named LG Velvet, breaking its alphabetic naming tradition of its previous devices. All to create a name that will resonate with users, something that will have a personality and a distinct design. Compared to its LG's predecessors, the phone will have something they refer to as the "raindrop camera," with one big lense followed by a few vertical smaller ones, including a LED flash under the main big camera.  This is a completely different approach from the old design. LG’s smartphones have always had a huge camera bump. But this is definitely a good thing. It leaves a lot to the imagination.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8xaiLtgtU4

What to Expect from the LG Velvet?

Since the company will be rebooting its smartphone design tactics, they are only revealing bit by bit. Very little information has been released on this intriguing device. In other words, there is more speculation than actual facts.  But, from what we can tell, aside from the unique camera, the Velvet will feature:

• 3D arc-design - curved glass (on the back & front of the phone)

• Tactile elegance

• Radiant smoothness

• Symmetrical flow

On more on the technical side, we may expect:

• Integrated 5G

• Snapdragon 765 (Qualcomm’s mid-range)

• Quad-lens camera

• Affordable price range

If the rumors are to be believed, there is plenty of what this device can offer. There hasn’t been an official announcement yet, but it’s said the company would be moving from the G-series to completely different smartphone series, not V-series either.  So, we’ve come to the end of the most long-standing flagship mobile devices in the Android industry. Also, instead of sharing more memorable components to the device, the company is beginning with an eloquent name, leaving more space for speculations and rumors.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqWRfEX5vGc

What Is the Name All About?

It may sound irrelevant, but the name wasn’t selected on a whim. It actually took careful planning, visualization, and an intent to capture the real essence of the device itself. The company has stated the name is designed to represent ultimate softness and smoothness, which will be the defining concept of the new smartphone.  According to the senior vice president at LG, Chang Ma, the idea is to reflect the ongoing trends and address the user’s personal emotions and taste, which is why there has been so much effort put into the design. This is an intuitive approach that is expected to resonate with users and create a recognizable identity of the brand.  So, no more slippery and shiny glass, it’s time for a different texture and glass material. 

What Has the Future In Store for the Velvet?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a price or a release date announced for the new LG device. The company is paying plenty of attention to careful branding, which is why they haven’t announced a solid piece of info yet.  However, rumor has it the reveal is due for May 15th. The company has not confirmed these claims. From what we do know, the Velvet is supposed to bring in the same success of the Chocolate series, and even reach higher.  They are moving away from the G-series and are implementing something new that will resonate with the public. There is not much information on the actual performance or spec, what we know for sure is that's called Velvet, and it’s coming soon.  So, for more information on the hardware, we have to wait and see. Whether the device will have the hardware we expect or not, only time will tell.