The pitter-patter from your kitchen faucet can keep you up at night. According to the Statistics Database, one out of ten homes experience leaks in their plumbing only in the US. Additionally, it causes 90 gallons of water wastage every day. Not only does the plumbing leaks cause water wastage, but it's also enough to drop your stomach.  It's not always possible to keep track of your house plumbing. It can cost you a whole lot of money if it remains unattended. That's why acquiring plumbing services from experts and professionals is critical. This article discusses the most important warning signs regarding your house plumbing. If you experience any of the following signs, you need a plumber with professional expertise on an immediate basis.  So, let's dive in. Shall we?

Faucet Dripping

dropping faucet in kitchen Can you stand the pitter-patter from your faucet? Well, yeah, neither can we, but some people get used to this sound and leave their faucet unattended. After all, a constantly dripping faucet can't cause much trouble, or can it? The fact of the matter is that it's one of the most obvious signs to hire a plumber. As we've stated earlier, it can cause water wastage more than you can imagine. EPA reports that a single drop per second can cause 3,000 gallons of water wastage per year. Moreover, it can lead to permanent faucet damage as well. If you're from the UK and face a similar problem, just write "plumbers near me UK" and find the best plumbing services nearby.

Sink Drains Slow

Most of the people ignore it if their sink drains slower than usual. Pay attention to your sink how it empties after brushing your teeth. If you feel that it's taking more time than it usually does, it's the sign that you never want to avoid. You need an expert local plumber to find out the root of the problem.  There can be many reasons, but the crux of the issue is that your plumbing has something clogged up. From food wastage to children's toys, anything could be stuck, even small rodents as well. While you're hiring a plumber, make sure to get your tap or shower checked if they need attention.

Low Water Pressure

if no water pressure in water pipes hire a plumber If you experience that your shower is throwing water with lower pressure and it takes more time to rinse soap, you need a plumber. It might not sound important, but the matter is that it can even cause permanent water blockage. Yes, you heard it right.  It can happen due to several reasons such as broken water lines, clogged up pipes, etcetera. With the passage of time, the pipes underneath the foundation of your home or behind the walls can break. It can even damage your house's foundation because of permanent water leakage before reaching your faucets, factures, or showers. Consider hiring a professional plumber who can catch the issue on the first try. After all, you don't want the removal of your drywall in many places.

No Water Supply At All

If you suddenly stop receiving water from your shower, sink, or kitchen, it means that you have already taken some issues for granted. For example, you might already have been facing little leakage problems, low water pressure, etcetera, which you left unattended. Right? Well, now it's over because nothing on earth can resolve it. Not exactly; we're just messing around! Be patient and hire a local plumber.  A professional plumber will locate the exact location of the issue, such as a frozen pipeline, clogged pipe, waterline leakage. As you are not receiving water, it might be leaking in other spaces like beneath your flooring or behind the walls. Water leakage can also cause an astronomical amount in your water bill. That's why it's one of the most critical signs to hire a plumber right away.

Poor Water Quality

Not even joking because it's quite possible that your water suddenly begins to look murky, smell odd, or even taste strange. It means that there is some serious problem with the water supply you are using, which needs to be immediately addressed.  It's also equally possible that your pipes have become too old and corroded to keep water quality intact, and it's leaching into our water. Additionally, the trees might also be the culprits as their roots can crack your pipes as well. It leads the outside materials from the earth to get into the water you're receiving.  In any of the cases mentioned above, hiring a professional plumber is imperative. Don't delay it because your and your family's health and wellness-being depend upon the quality of the water you're using. 

The Nasty Back-Flow

 Plumber Working To Fix Leaking Sink In Home Bathroom We hate this one! We seriously do, and because of many reasons. Let's put it this way.  We all love our sweet homes. Most probably, you must've already spent a handsome amount of money on the furnishing of your floor. You might also have expensive and delicate hardwoods, rugs, carpets, etcetera. That's your investment and time, which you have put to keep your house's underfoot area clean, beautiful, and functional. What if you experience a nasty back-flow of water coming out of your sink and spreads at your bathroom tiles. That fact of the matter is that the water that back-flows first goes down the drain to your plumbing system. Well, that experience doesn't feel like standing in a rose garden. You really don't want a single drop of that sewer water springing from the sink and catch you off guards. It's a little tricky to counter such an issue, but in almost all of the cases, the reason for back-flow is the same and simple, which is the sudden drop in your home's water pressure. It triggers the water to back-flow. You still need to hire a plumber that can thoroughly inspect the issue because you don't want to experience it again.


If you experience water gurgling up as soon as you open your faucet, it's clear that your plumbing system is facing some issues. But most probably you won't be able to pinpoint the problem. When the water gets trapped in the faucet shower, and your drain is clogged, it's time to opt for professional plumbing services. The gurgling sound that you hear is the draining system of your home that is looking for air. The louder the gurgling, the higher the chances of water spillage into your house. The best you can do is cut off the water for the time being and call a professional plumber. Otherwise, the problem can get worse.

No Hot Water

Longing for hot water to come out, but what you actually receive is the stone-cold water like that's the only item on your house's menu? Well, that's not right. From doing laundry to bathing and cooking, hot water is always needed.  You don't realize the importance of hot water until you experience its absence. Well, most probably, it's your water heater or geyser that's not working properly. It's also quite possible that the heater or geyser has a short circuit that needs repair. In any case, the simplest solution is to hire a plumber, but this time with the addition of an HVAC technician. It's because of the reason that it might include little electrical work, and the combination of both diagnostics will ensure the right steps to take. We don't recommend you try to fix such an issue in the DIY way. The heaters and geysers have gas and electrical components that can cause some serious damages to your system as well as to yourself if operated unprofessionally. That's why it's better to hire professionals.

Continuously Running Toilet

continuous running water in toilets If the storage tank of your WC never gets filled, most probably, it's continuously running. Additionally, this is one of those signs that go unnoticed for longer times as it doesn't even create unusual noise. It causes so much water wastage, and you can actually use your flushing mechanism when needed as well. It also adds up a lot to your water bills The most common problem is the damaged seal that connects the toilet bowl to the toilet tank to store the water. The damaged seal normally results in constantly running water. Consider hiring a plumber right away after realizing such an issue. It's not advisable to try to fix it by yourself because the mechanism is quite complicated. You might end up adding more to the plumber's work by breaking something else as well. You can find a professional plumber right away by searching "local plumber UK" in the google search. Bottom Line If you're from the UK and experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, just type "plumbers near me UK." You'll find the best plumbing services nearest to your place. Always try to communicate your problem and ask for the estimated quote. Keep in mind that experts and certified professionals can help you regarding every plumbing problem. That's why it's always better to hire a plumber instead of DIY because your inadequate expertise will cause more trouble.