Ways Augmented Reality Is Changing How We Shop

Date : Mar 06, 2020

Author : DR A Zayed


Going from one shop to the next, picking out furniture, clothes, and food can be a long and tedious process. It’s hard to pair up different chairs or tables with the color of your room since you can’t check it on sight. But, with AR, or Augmented Reality, finding out the perfect combinations is too easy.

In recent years, AR has become a massive retail trend. The old marketing strategies have become less effective. They are less likely to capture the consumer’s attention, which has led businesses to try this innovative tech. That’s where AR came into play.

Female designer using virtual reality headset in office

The problem is that not many consumers actually know how Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the way people shop. If you are unfamiliar with the impact of AR on shopping, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will discuss everything you need to know on how AR is changing the shopping we used to know.

4 Ways AR Is Changing Old-School Shopping

To know the true impact of how Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the way people shop, we must understand its potential first.

Based on statistics, AR is expected to achieve from $85 to up to $95 billion in profits by 2020. The brands who understand the real importance and impact will start integrating this tech early on. With such a competitive marketplace, it’s crucial to have something to stand out, and that’s where AR can be useful.

AR apps can completely alter our shopping habits. This tech:

 1 – Blends in the virtual and real-world to boost customer’s interest

 2 – Makes shopping more convenient, easy, and less time-consuming

 3 – Helps companies see what customers want

 4 – Overshadows old marketing strategies

Some people may rely on AR to stay away from crowded malls and shops during a frantic shopping season; others will want to browse goods without having to leave the house, etc. But, one thing is certain, AR apps will now give consumers a reason to go to a store, stated Dr. Hwan Lee from Ryerson University.

The best thing about AR is that it doesn’t require over-the-top equipment to enhance the experience; all you need is a smartphone and an app. So, you basically get to try the product before you buy it. But, if businesses set up an AR experience inside the shop, people will go to the shop to check it out more often, stated Dr. Hwan.

Take, Ikea, for example. Their AR app allows customers to see the products they are interested in on their mobile devices. They can pick out a chair or table from their catalog and drag the item into their room while looking at the camera screen.

The furniture will then be displayed in the area where the user is standing. This is super beneficial since people can see how their room will look like after they buy the furniture, which will inspire the user to check out the shop to get it. Because of Ikea, plenty of other similar brands are now going for AR apps.

Final Thoughts

Even though AR apps are still in their early phase, they have plenty of potentials. Now that you know how Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the way people shop, you probably realize just how important it is for all businesses to start integrating it. Not only will it bring in more revenue, but it will also make it easier for companies to meet every customer’s needs.

What do you think of AR? Do you look forward to using different apps that rely on this tech? How will it affect your shopping habits? Share your thoughts in the comments below.






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