Donating money to charity through your business or any other means is not the only way to show support. In recent years people have been supporting charities in record numbers. For example, Charity Navigator stats declared that in 2017 the collective yearly contribution exceeded 410 billion US dollars.  However, if you feel passionate about any particular cause but you can't donate money because of a tight budget, you can do a lot of things to actually make a difference. Here are some of the best and easy ways to donate to a charity that will provide you with a feeling of achievement and satisfaction. Let’s dive into it.

Ways Of Charity Without Donating Money?

If you’re not earning much from your business or a job, consider doing the following things to keep earning and giving back as well. cropped shot of volunteers putting food and drinks into paper bags for charity  

How to Donate as a Business?

Formally getting your business recognized as a charity is not necessary. If you own a good business then take a little audit of your employees and departments and find out people who often give back to charity. You can highlight your employees’ and your own philanthropic activities on social media and the company’s blog. Not only will it motivate them but it will also encourage other employees to do the same. Moreover, when other people will see your organization doing charity, they will prefer your services and products to help support your cause.

Reward Your Employees

charity seminar for employees Every business has many types of roles that different people fulfil. You should never take any of the employees for granted. Moreover, if any of your employees are involved in charitable work, you can encourage such employees. Allow them paid time off once in a while if they need it. You can also conduct small workshops and seminars in your office to talk about charity work to encourage other employees as well. Not only will it increase the positive reputation of your business but it will also make you feel good. It’s a win-win situation that boosts your employees’ morale and also improves your business’ image at the same time. 

Launch Fundraisers

If you’re not in a position to donate money yourself then you can encourage your family and friends. You can explain your favourite cause to them and tell them how it’ll make a difference in society. It’s the same concept as motivating someone to watch a particular movie. You can also initiate an online fundraiser and share it on social media and blogs. In order to reach more people, you can ask famous people with a big following to share your online fundraiser link to their social media pages. You want to share every detail of your favourite cause and why you have chosen it. It will help people to understand its impact and entice them to contribute to the charity.

Invite Your Buyers

Whenever any of your customers makes a purchase from your website, invite him/her to make a little donation. You can add a little charity box at the checkout page of your website that nicely asks for donations. Your customers can donate their spare change. But if you explain your favourite cause in a better way, you might end up with something unexpected. You can also add a donation field within your checkout process that your customers can use while paying for the product. Keep in mind that this field must be optional. If you try to get donations forcefully, it’ll earn you nothing except a bad reputation.

Donate Your Time and Skills

It’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to support your cause that doesn’t even require a penny. many of the non-profit organizations UK run on volunteers. You can offer first-hand contributions to Such not for profit organizations by providing you time and skills. You can find such NGO UK organizations by searching “local charities near me” on Google. Moreover, if your favourite cause needs the skills that you have then there’s nothing more you could ask for. It will allow you to make a difference and also provide you with a feeling of accomplishment.

Donate Items That You Don’t Use

Woman preparing box for clothes donation You can easily find local charities that accept all types of donations such as appliances, clothes, toys, books, furniture, etcetera. We all have items in our closets and storerooms that we never use or don’t use anymore. It can be your old clothes or gifts from someone that doesn't match your likenesses or needs. It can also be your old books and appliances. You can collect all of such things from your house and donate them to a local charity that supports your favourite cause. It’s always better to donate instead of throwing it out.

Become an Ambassador

You can officially sign up voluntarily for any non-profit organization that strives to help your favourite cause. Giving a personal and relevant introduction will help you to tell others about your cause in a more effective manner. It will allow you to stay connected to all the latest news and needs and run fundraising campaigns accordingly. People will listen to you when you ask them what they can donate and your cause needs. You can even talk to your colleagues or employees to donate what they can. Becoming an ambassador opens countless doors and one of the best ones is that you can connect people who can give to the needy.

Sponsor Charitable Causes and Projects

If your business can spare a little time and money then consider sponsoring a charitable cause or project. You can also do it partially if you don’t afford to do it fully. You can achieve it in multiple ways such as organizing an online training event, weekly workshop at your office, etcetera. Also, you can teach attendees for free and ask them for donations. You can then submit all the contributions to your favourite cause and thank the attendees and the business community.

Offer Your Property for Fundraising Campaigns

If you can help your favourite cause neither by time nor by money at the moment, then you can offer your office area after working hours. It will help the volunteers and non-profit organizations to run their fundraising campaigns efficiently and seamlessly. You can also put the news on your business website, social media, and blog regarding the campaign. It will encourage all of your audience to donate what they can. This way, you can contribute indirectly to your favourite cause without spending time and money.

Make a Donation Cycle

Donation is not about giving a whole lot of money. In fact, it’s only about giving whether it’s a single penny. Event cent counts and makes a difference even if it’s for only one time. The best way to stay connected to your favourite cause is to make a donation schedule that suits you. You can set it on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly basis. Set a specific amount that you will donate at a specific interval. For example, set your schedule for £1 per week. You can also use smartphone applications to remind you about your donation whenever you want. it’s also one of the most efficient ways, as it does not require any time investment. Not only will it keep making you feel satisfied but it will also help the needy.  

Throw a Party

Everyone loves to be a part of weekend parties. You can invite all of your friends, and colleagues to the party where you can ask them to donate to your cause. Consider, preparing a little speech that explains the benefit of a donation to the cause that you support. You can also circulate a donation box and encourage the people to donate as much as they can. It can be an incredible way to support your cause while enjoying it at the same time.

Start a Blog

blogging It’s yet another amazing way to collect donations while you can contribute yourself. Create a blog page for the organization that supports your favourite cause and flood it using all social media channels. Chances are that you already know people who want to donate but don’t know the cause you support. They would love to donate if they find the right opportunity. With time your blog following will increase which will also increase donations. You can simply add a donate button on the top of your blog that explains everything regarding the non-profit organization. You can also add images, videos, and news about the events to promote your favourite cause. Conclusion The more you donate, the happier and more satisfied you’ll feel. You can use the methods mentioned above to support your favourite cause and collect donations for it. You can contribute on multiple levels according to the time and money that you can spare. These points will help you to make the difference based on the resources you already have.