Ways to Brighten Your Home in the New Year

Date : Feb 01, 2020

Author : Alexander B

The New Year brings new events, happiness, and joy for you, your friends, and your family. In 2020, you will want to bring some changes to your house and to feel happier and more fulfilled with your life, you will want to brighten it up a little. So what can you do to brighten up your house? We suggest you play with some colours.

Did you know that colours play a major role in our lives? They affect our mood, our feelings, and our emotions, and it is because of this reason that colours should be given importance in our daily life. Read on to know how different colours can brighten your home up and invoke feelings and emotions.


If you want to brighten your home in 2020 with the colour blue, then you should know that it is an extremely calm colour. Having your home painted in blue will help you feel serene, relaxed, and centred. Blue will provide you with mental clarity, lower your blood pressure, and steady your breathing. However, some shades of blue, especially pastel shades, can make you feel cold and chilly in your home, while warm shades of blue can give you a lovely feeling.


The colour yellow increases your energy as it brightens your mood. You may feel lively after spending your time in a room which is painted yellow. Experts have also linked the colour yellow with happiness and can potentially influence an individual to take more risks.


To brighten your home in 2020 and make it appear cleaner, paint the walls of your home white. The plain white colour will make your home appear more spacious, open, and airy. White gives you a feeling of purity, goodness, innocence, and protection.


If you have a tendency of feeling anxious, then painting your room green will help you brighten your home in 2020 and also your mood. Research has shown that green gives rest to your eyes and provides mental clarity and composure.


Purple is a mysterious and romantic colour that adds a burst of creativity to any part of the house. It is a great colour if you want to brighten your home in 2020. It makes you feel relaxed and calms you at night.


There are many colour options you can choose from if you want to brighten up your house. We suggest that you read more about colour psychology to know how different colours affect your mood.

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