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Ways to Start Reading More

Date : Oct 05, 2019

Author : Alexander B

Was “reading” one of your New Year’s resolutions? Are you struggling to find time for reading? Several months have already passed this year. If you are serious about your resolution, then the following tips on reading more can help you.

1. Create and Maintain a Schedule

You cannot expect to read regularly without a proper plan. To begin with, build a schedule for reading. To do this, you can allocate a short period of time at any time of your day, particularly when you are relaxed. Think about how many pages you can finish per day (for instance, 15 pages) and make it a target. Short reading sessions can allow you to complete large material in a steady and non-stressing way.

2. Take a break from Social Media

Over the last decade, the deadly combination of smartphones and social media has done a great deal of damage to the habit of reading. Studies and research indicate that humans—particularly young audiences—are shunning reading in favor of social media.

Therefore, avoid using social media if you want to read more. Leaving social media is straightforward on paper, but it requires tremendous willpower to actually do it. Hence, try to slowly cut time on social media and disable their alerts on a smartphone.

3. Always Carry a Book

Whether you are a student, an employee, or a business owner, it is always possible to find yourself waiting. A student may have to wait between classes, employees may complete their work earlier than expected, and a business owner might just be sitting idly waiting for customers. Regardless, always reserve a book for these scenarios.

4. Consider the Book Length

Has it often occurred to you that the reason you are dreading to read a book is its enormous length? Try to read short books. Bear in mind that short books = more books as you can finish them quickly! These books are especially effective for readers who struggle with a short attention span.

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