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Why you should consider learning a musical instrument in 2020

Date : Jan 11, 2020

Author : Alexander B

Many people don’t associate music as something beneficial for their brains. People learn to play musical instruments to become musicians in the future.

However, research has shown that learning to play a musical instrument can increase the size of your brain and improve the brain’s performance related to spatial tasks.

The benefits of learning a musical instrument as a child include improvements in spatial recognition, mental rotation, spatial memory, as well as spatial visualization. These improvements can also be witnessed in adults.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of learning an instrument in adults and children.

Sharpen Your Memory

When you play a musical instrument, your brain is actually having a workout session. Doing so will make your brain better at focusing and retention. A study conducted on patients with Alzheimer’s disease found that mental stimulation involved in playing and listening to music can improve memory.

Learn to Coordinate Better

Your body will learn to coordinate better, which is one of the benefits of learning an instrument. When you play a musical instrument, you are asking your brain and body to work together at a high speed where your hands, eyes, and mind are all synchronized.

Excel at Math

You become better at problem-solving as you develop a sense of music and its scales, beats, and rhythm. Music and math are very similar. For example understanding beats, rhythm and scales, individuals are learning how to divide, create fractions and recognize patterns. This highlights a few ways music is helpful in solving math problems.

Read and Comprehend Better

When you read to comprehend chords, pitches, and music notes, you automatically enhance your ability to read and understand other things.

Be Creative

Do you know you can be more creative by playing a musical instrument? When you create music, you are actually using your imagination. This use of imagination stimulates creativity in your brain.

Self Expressions and Emotional Development

Music helps you express your inner thoughts and feelings. It provides you with a form of expression which is healthy for you and makes you emotionally stable.

Social and Management Skills

Music gives you a topic to discuss. You may be interested in the type of music that is quite trendy. As a result, you will always have something to talk about during social gatherings.

Playing an instrument also allows you to manage things like the tempo and volume. So you are likely to improve your management skills by continuing to learn a musical instrument.


Learning how to play a musical instrument can do a lot to enhance your persona. Besides the things mentioned above, it can also help you improve your grades and relieve your stress by relaxing your body and brain.

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