5 Common Electrical Issues

It is important to keep a check on the electrical system of your home. If you fail to monitor it then you may have to spend a great deal of money in the form of maintenance. More importantly, electrical issues can also pose fire hazards. Therefore, it is important to identify these issues on time. Below are 5 common electrical issues.

Unexpected Surge

Electrical surges are not a positive sign. Usually, a surge ends within a microsecond. However, multiple and repeated electrical surges can hamper a home’s electrical system and decrease its lifespan. The cause behind an electrical surge can be any of the following: faulty appliances, flawed wiring, damaged power lines or lightning strikes.

Non-Working Switches

Sometimes, unlicensed professionals fail to correct the lighting systems. As a result, dimmer switches cannot be adjusted for the provision of light.

In case you have a new home where your switches are not working properly, it is possible that your switches have been replaced or there was an issue in the wiring, circuit or outlet of your home. Regardless, hire a reliable electrician who can look into your switches.

Frequent Trips

Hairdryers, microwaves, and similar appliances with high wattage may cause the circuit breakers to trip, especially if there are additional electrical components that are drawing power from the same source. The purpose of a breaker is to provide protection for your home, hence tripping once in a while is a healthy sign. Conversely, if you feel that the number of trips has increased quickly, then you should consider hiring an electrician who can identify any possible issues.


Outlets in the Bathroom and the Kitchen

Due to water being an excellent conductor of electricity, bathrooms and the kitchen cannot have the same outlets as the other rooms. They require GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters), a type of shock-resistant outlets. In case, your bathroom or kitchen outlets are the same as your other rooms, then it is the time to change them.

Light Fluctuations

Are there constant light fluctuations in your home? Are some lights too dim while others are extremely bright? If the answer is yes, there are two possibilities.

1.Each light has its own distinct wattage, hence the difference.

2.There is an issue with the main neutral connection.

In all these cases, if you are concerned about electrical faults in your home, contact a reliable electrician. 

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