5 Common Plumbing Issues

Date : Sep 22, 2019

Author : Alexander B

It’s common for a few plumbing issues to pop up every now and then. While some of these issues can be easily fixed, others might require professional help. If you are experiencing one or more of the following plumbing issues, consider calling in a professional plumber.

1.Rising Water Bill

Did you get a fairly high water bill this month? If the answer is yes, then perhaps there is something wrong with your home’s plumbing system. Study your bill and see if the usage is consistent with the costs. Sometimes, higher bills occur due to an increase in the usage of water. If you are sure that your water bills are much higher than your usage, then you will require the advice of a plumber to pinpoint the exact issue.

2. Increased Water Pressure

Keep an eye on the flow of water from all the water sources in your home. Older homes often get low water pressure due to degrading plumbing foundations. Sometimes, the cold and hot water settings cause the production of calcium build-up in the faucet aerator. Regardless of the cause, you will require the services of an experienced plumber to adjust your pressure.

3. Leaky Faucet

How often do you see a dripping faucet? It does not look like much when little droplets of water trickle down the sink. However, the net effect of this leakage puts a considerable dent on your wallet. Therefore, make sure to check all your faucets. If you find any of them to be dripping, then you have to call for a reliable plumber.

4.Faulty Pipes

There are two types of water pipes: visible and hidden. Both of them are prone to deterioration with the passage of time. Sometimes, the material used is below par, while at other times a plumber might have performed the incorrect installation. For visible pipes, you can go around your home to make sure there is no moisture. For the hidden ones, you have to hear carefully and look for a banging or rattling sounds coming from the underground.

5. Colour and Smell

If your home is filled with a foul smell from the toilet, then there might be mold in your pipes. Similarly, if the colour of the water is different, then it may be caused by rusted metal pipes.

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