The COVID-19 pandemic has now affected the majority of countries throughout the world. This includes the United Kingdom (UK). More than 100,000 people have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus already. The government has taken action by initiating a lockdown, similar to many other countries.  During the lockdown, people are only allowed to go out when they need food. Several other precautions have been taken. Nonessential service providers have also been asked to close down until the lockdown is lifted.  While the lockdown is in place, there are several services that you may need. When faced with a leaking pipe or a burst geyser, you will find yourself in need of plumbing services in UK. With this in mind, let's take a look at whether these service providers are open during the lockdown.

Plumbing Services In the UK During The Lockdown

Many people are not sure if they are allowed to call a plumbing company while the lockdown is in place. When faced with a plumbing emergency, however, chaos is sure to follow. This is why everyone needs to learn what services are still being provided during the national lockdown within the UK.  The good news is that plumbing services in UK are allowed to continue providing services to customers. There are, however, a few things that you need to take into consideration.  First of all, take note that many plumbing companies will have a few guidelines and policies set in place during the lockdown. All businesses are expected to do their part. This is to help reduce the spreading of the coronavirus. Both the employees of the business and the customer need to be taken into consideration.  Thus, any policies implemented by plumbing companies are there to help keep the plumbers safe and also ensure no transmission occurs when they visit a client's premises. Make sure to ask about any guidelines the company has in place – and try your best to follow these.  You should also consider the guidelines set by the UK government when you decide to search for plumbing services near me.  plumbing services in UK   The government has asked that all people remain at least six feet away from each other in any public setting. While this may not apply to those who are inside your house at all times, when there is someone new, this rule replies indoors too.  When the plumber visits your house, keep your distance. There should be at least six feet between you and the plumber at all times. You can even wear a mask to help reduce the risk of spreading viruses. The plumber may also be required to wear a mask while providing you with plumbing services. The ideal option would be to remain in a different room while the plumber is busy doing their work.  After the plumber has provided you with the requested services, disinfecting the area where they worked is a good idea. Remember that some people can transmit the coronavirus infection without showing any obvious symptoms. Disinfect all the surfaces with an appropriate cleaning detergent to ensure any viruses or other pathogens left behind are killed. 


With the lockdown in place throughout the United Kingdom to control the coronavirus pandemic, you may not be sure whether you can call a local plumber UK. Looking for "plumbing services near me" may also not provide you with accurate results as operating times might also change. The good news is, plumbers are allowed to continue operating, but many will have their own policies to reduce the risk of the plumbers during the pandemic.