Research Finds Problem Solving Is Improved With Your Morning Coffee

Date : Mar 10, 2020

Author : DR A Zayed

Coffee is something that most people enjoy. Between 2018 and 2019, an estimated 26.5 million 60 kilogram bags of coffee were sold in the United States. For most people, coffee adds a great start to the day. One new study adds more evidence to the many health benefits already associated with having a cup of coffee in the morning. According to this study, coffee is an excellent way to get a boost in problem-solving skills for the day. 

Study Suggests A Boost In Problem Solving Skills Through A Morning Cup Of Coffee

Coffee has previously been associated with many health benefits. While too much coffee can be bad for you, studies suggest that drinking in moderation may be good for the human body. It is not only physical health that may benefit but also several aspects of mental well-being. 


A new study focused on further expanding research related to the fact that coffee boosts problem-solving skills. This has previously also been shown. The purpose of the study was to show that it is the caffeine content in coffee that holds these promising benefits. 

The study was done by researchers at the University of Arkansas. Darya Zabelina led the study as the assistant professor of psychology at the University. The study was officially published this month in the Journal of Consciousness and Cognition. 

During the study, a total of 80 volunteers were monitored. The volunteers were divided into two groups. The first group receives a daily dose of 200mg caffeine. This is a dose that is similar to what a person gets with a strong cup of coffee in the morning. The second group of volunteers received a placebo pill. The caffeine and placebo pills were randomly distributed among the volunteers. 

Improvements in cognitive performance were observed among the people who took caffeine pills. Specific improvements were noted in the following areas:

  – Alertness

  – Focus

  – Motor performance

  – Vigilance

These are all critical elements that people rely on each day. 

The study went a step further in order to find just how the caffeine content in a morning cup of coffee would affect creativity. This is one area that hasn’t been previously studied in depth. 

Each participant was asked to take a test when they took the pill provided to them. The test consisted of elements that would determine convergent thinking and divergent thinking abilities in the participant. Mood and working memory were also tested during the test. 

Even though there was a significant enhancement in problem-solving skills among the participants that took the 200mg caffeine pill, no improvement was found in creativity. The creative thinking abilities of the participants remained the same as before they took the caffeine pill. Creative thinking was also similar between the caffeine and placebo groups. 

Researchers concluded that the caffeine in coffee does hold several benefits for cognitive function. The primary benefit would be the significant enhancement that you can gain in terms of your problem-solving skills. People who are involved in a career that requires a lot of creative thinking may not, however, experience as significant benefits – since there does not seem to be an improvement in this particular area. 


A recent study has shown that coffee in the morning may produce an improvement in problem-solving skills. The study notes that the creative thinking process may not be improved at the same time with the consumption of coffee in the morning.  This adds to the body of research that has previously also suggested that a morning cup of coffee may provide you with several potential health benefits. 




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