Why Businesses Should Make Workplace Well-being a Priority

Date : Mar 07, 2020

Author : DR A Zayed

The best staff members are like a four-leaf clover: difficult to find, but lucky to have. You’ve surely heard in many businesses of the perfect employee, a unique person who is sociable, skilled, devoted, and ambitious. Someone who can help the business grow, bring in a considerable amount of revenue, and still hang out with colleagues. 

We call that employee a “breath of fresh air,” and it’s true. With their positive outlook and happy attitude, a person like that has a lot to offer. The question is, how can you get an entire team exactly like that four-leaf clover? 

Multiethnic people working in a modern well equipped office

What if we told you there is an easy solution? Only one key factor stands between success and failure in the workplace – the wellbeing of your employees. It may sound banal at first, but there is a lot of truth to it. This is why businesses should make workplace wellbeing a priority.

Why Does Workplace Wellbeing Matter?

Plenty of research has evaluated the effect of workplace wellbeing in businesses around the globe. One particular survey published in 2020 has analyzed why businesses should make workplace wellbeing a priority. The results were simple. 

Of all the employees surveyed from different companies, 83% stated businesses that incorporated wellness programs for their workforce made a significant positive impact on their staff’s health. And 84% stated programs such as these help employees perform better and be more productive.

This is immensely important since, according to studies, 26% of employees are often disengaged at work. They can’t find a way to improve their productivity, feel unhappy, and pass on that negativity to their colleagues. Having something that can create a complete turnover is immensely beneficial for all companies, no matter how small or big they may be. 

4 Ways Workplace Wellbeing Can Help

Employees are spending most of their waking hours working. Many of them fail to address their wellness and health problems, which can later affect their work. Giving them access to a program that can solve these problems for them can be immensely beneficial for the company in numerous ways. Here is why businesses should make workplace wellbeing a priority.

 1 – Boosts Morale

In an ever-growing competitive market, you need employees that demonstrate commitment and dedication. To have that, you first have to supply them with a healthy working environment. Wellness programs can help spread positivity and help bring back that morale.

 2 – Increases Productivity

The healthy working environment brings in a considerable difference. Workers will feel more welcome and less worried at work. This will make them more productive and willing to get the job done.

 3 – Reduces the Possibility for Workplace Injury

Since the wellness program promotes healthy living habits, workers will be less prone to illness, injury, or disability. Their immune system will be more prepared, and they decrease the possibility of falling unconscious or losing focus at work.

 4 – Reduces Absenteeism

Employees who skip work are often unhappy with their working conditions. Since the program makes the team happier and more engaged, the staff are less likely to have the need to skip work. They will feel more enthusiastic and ready to take on different challenges. 

Final Thoughts

With a wellness program, not only will employees feel happier, but it will also boost the entire business as a whole. Creating a healthy working environment is incredibly important for improving morale, productivity, and more. Look at it as a stepping-stone for success. In the long run, it’s a worthwhile investment not only for the staff but for the corporation as well.







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