Did you know that any desk at the workplace could get over 400 times filthier than a regular toilet seat?  Since an average worker will spend 8 hours every day in this working environment, it is essential to dedicate just as much energy to maintain a clean working space with workplace sanitation. Here we will show you six key reasons why workplace hygiene and sanitation should be your top priority. 

6 Reasons Why Hygiene and Sanitation should be Strictly Implemented in the Workplace

According to a survey from the GCCFM, over 31% of the 650 people evaluated, stated that the keyboards in the office don’t get cleaned at all. Another 36% had the same thoughts about the computer mouse, and 28% about the telephone.  But, that’s not all.  The Office for National Statistics, recently revealed that there is a sudden spike in sick days taken since 2011. Employees have asked for more than 12 million sick days. This is costing companies millions. Even though these diseases could easily be prevented, more and more people are getting infected.   That’s right; there are many companies that don’t pay as much attention to hygiene and sanitation as they are supposed to. Here, we will show you exactly why these habits are essential for your workspace.

1. Cleanliness Increases Productivity

You might find it troubling to fill the cabinets or drawers with documents, but it is a time well spent. Based on reports from Harvard Business Review, the cleaner the working space, the easier it is to focus.  You will quickly find the documents you need; you will skim through the kitchen supplies and find the tools in a matter of seconds. In other words, cleaning solves your everyday hassles. All the clutter will no longer waste your time. Instead, everything will be well-organized and easy to work with.  In turn, you become more productive and efficient. You can focus faster and get the projects done. The reason for that is relatively simple. Our brains like order, studies show. It improves our visual memory and helps us pay attention to detail.  So, if you want to be more productive at work, try to keep your workplace as clean as possible. 

2. Hygiene Improves Wellbeing

All the bacteria, germs, and viruses lingering on surfaces can be a massive problem for the staff. If the workplace is not cleaned for a prolonged time, every person in the office is at risk of catching an infection.  Worker in protective suit and rubber gloves wiping surfaces with special spray that kills viruses and bacteria Do have in mind that the germs remain active for many months. Without sanitation, like hand sanitizer gel or disinfectants, the chances of getting these germs transferred to someone’s skin are very high.  Aside from germs, all the dirt and debris will attract pests and rodents. Leaving crumbs in the kitchen, not emptying the trash bins – all of this is a breeding ground for rats and cockroaches.  Luckily, there is a way to avoid this. Keeping the space spotless will stop the spread of these infections and keep the critters at bay. As a result, the staff will take less sick days and work better. 

3. Proper Cleaning Habits Give the Company a Good Image

Investors, clients, suppliers, they will all come to visit your company. The first thing they will judge is the working environment. If you want to leave a good impression, you need adequate cleaning habits.  If you don’t, you risk losing all you’ve worked for. Remember, bad words travel quickly, and when it comes to maintaining high standards in the industry, you need exceptional cleaning habits.  This is a simple yet efficient way to build a good reputation. Anything too sloppy will not work in your favour. 

4. Cleanliness Makes a Safer Working Environment

It is easy to trip and fall when the floor is too cluttered. With shared spaces, like the bathroom and kitchen, this will be a hazardous issue. Here, it is easy to spill a drink or some water on the floor. The longer the space remains dirty, the bigger the odds of it becoming a threat.  A person cleaning hand with anti-bacterial hand disinfectant sanitizer dispenser at work The same thing applies to leave garbage on the stairs or tight corridors. To reduce the possibility of injury, it is essential to take the right precautions and clean out the trash. You can also put floor mats on slippery areas.  In the end, you will get a safer working space with fewer signs of trouble. 

5. Cleaning Saves You Money

Though it might not look like it, with regular cleaning, you are saving yourself plenty of money in the long haul.  For example, the office will need refurbishment. The less attention you pay on cleaning, the quicker the rooms will tear and wear.  You can’t skip refurbishment, but you can postpone it if the place is clean. With regular cleaning, you preserve the windows, floor, furniture, walls, etc. From time to time, it’s good to do a deep-cleansing and get rid of even more grime. This is an excellent upkeep strategy. 

6. A Spotless Environment Boosts Air Quality

Did you know that the air indoors can get 100 times dirtier than the one outdoors?  That’s right; airborne pollutants quickly get inside the workplace. But, if you don’t clean too often or open up the windows, the air will flow through the entire space, carrying the pollutants with it.  If a worker has breathing health problems, like asthma, for example, these pollutants can be a severe trigger. Plus, debris and dusk will accumulate over time and drift in the air. Even though you can’t see them with the naked eye, they will pose a threat to your breathing.  That’s precisely where hygiene comes into play. By keeping the area clean, you reduce the pollutants, remove the debris, and dust. For individuals with breathing difficulties, such fresh air will be immensely helpful. 

Final Thoughts

Cleanliness leaves a strong impression on your potential investors and clients. It instils trust and confidence. Maintaining healthy hygiene and sanitation protocols at the workplace can also improve the employee’s physical and emotional wellbeing. That’s how you show that people can trust in your services and products. If you are looking to leave a good impression, you should first implement proper cleaning habits.