3 Ways Companies Use Emotion Detection Tech to Improve Their Business

Date : Mar 09, 2020

Author : DR A Zayed

Forecasting, understanding, and analyzing human emotions is no longer a pipe-dream. In fact, all the technological improvements in AI and vision technology have made algorithms for emotion analysis a reality, potent enough to recognize and measure emotions to improve businesses.

By 2023, this market is expected to increase by a staggering $65 billion. No wonder why so, many companies are looking to invest in this latest tech. But, the real question is, how companies will use Analysis of Emotion Detection and Recognition to improve their business?

So, what exactly does this technology have to do with brands? How will it affect the user experience? Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about emotion recognition and detection technology.

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3 Ways Industries Use Emotion Recognition and Detection

Emotion recognition and detection use a unique hi-tech software for image processing. This software is meant to recognize all sorts of emotions, many of which are the rage, sadness, joy, fear, disgust, etc. Businesses most often use it on videos and photos. But, if you want to know how companies will use Analysis of Emotion Detection and Recognition to improve their business, take a look at the three important ways below.

 1 – Marketing Campaigns

Getting recognized in an overcrowded market is never easy. But, if you have technology that will connect you with your potential customers, then you’ve upped your game. That’s exactly what companies use emotion detection. By understanding how customers feel about a certain product, they can work on their flaws to give the ultimate customer experience. In the end, this will help create a stronger bond.

 2 – Collecting Valuable Research Data

One of the most common ways how companies will use Analysis of Emotion Detection and Recognition to improve their business is by collecting important market research. Anything from reviews, to surveys, and public opinion matters. But, most of it has to be collected manually. However, this tech will collect adequate data in real-time. Meaning businesses have a much better insight into what their customers actually think so that they can improve their service. A typical example would be film companies. Some companies have already integrated this technology as part of their businesses. The software tracks the customer’s emotions and facial expressions to see whether or not they’ve enjoyed the film. This can help track which genre or movie gets the most attention to generate the best content people can enjoy.

 3 – Face-to-Face Interviews

It’s a common misunderstanding that businesses only use emotion detection tech on photos or videos. The truth is, this technology can do much more than that. Many companies rely on it for face-to-face interviews since it can analyze a person’s mood and body language as well. In other words, employers can find out about that person’s characteristics and personality to figure out if they are a perfect fit for their job. They can predict how the candidate can act in specific situations, whether they can take on some challenges, and how confident they can be. Eventually speeding up the hiring routine.


Emotion recognition and detection tech have plenty of potentials. So far, companies use it to improve their marketing campaigns and strategies, collecting important research data, and finding the perfect employee that can benefit their business. But, as technology keeps advancing, there is a high probability this tech will advance too and offer multiple other uses that companies can benefit from. But, until then, industries can depend on it to improve their retail and bring in more potential revenue in the future.






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