The Time You Go to Bed Matters, Here Is Why

Date : Mar 26, 2020

Author : DR A Zayed

In a perfect world, we’ll all have the luxury of calling it a night early. We will go to sleep before 10 pm and wake up fully rested the next morning. But, with a busy work schedule, children, and chores, it becomes nearly impossible.

In fact, around 35% of American adults aren’t sleeping for 7 hours straight, statistics show. 39% of adults between 45 and 54 years of age and 38.3% between 35 and 44 years old don’t get enough sleep, stated the latest statistical analysis published in Tech Times.

When we don’t get enough sleep, we are more vulnerable to serious health complications, even chronic health conditions.

So, the question is, how can you make sure you get enough rest? What is the best time for sleeping? Getting the proper amount of sleep matters, and here we will show you exactly why. Let’s take a closer look at the proper time you need to go to sleep and the reasons why it matters. 

What Is the Best Time for Sleeping?

Our human body has biological tendencies. That means it needs to be fully rested to be productive for the rest of the day.

Immediately after sundown, the body may feel sleepier. This is natural. The best time for sleeping is getting into bed early on and sleeping for at least 7 hours until the next morning. This is also known as a healthy sleeping pattern.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, from 8 pm to 12 o’clock at night is the ideal sleeping time for adults. When you choose to sleep should be tailored to the time you are waking up in the morning.

Woman Sleeping In Bed With Sleep Data App Running On Mobile Phone On Bedside

Why Does It Matter?

Not a single living being can survive without getting any sleep. The same thing applies to humans. Lack of sleep can have major consequences, not just for your emotional health, but for your physical well-being as well.

Our body needs sleep for two major reasons:

 – It aids the natural rejuvenation process by keeping the immune system in check, balancing the hormones, and restoring the proper organ functions.

 – It helps retain your memory of all the things you’ve learned during the day so that you get to use them the next day.

Let’s think back for a moment. How do you feel after sleeping just 5 hours a day? Anyone would feel extremely grumpy and disoriented. But, when you regularly sleep so little, you reduce your body’s energy and ability to function properly.

woman sleeping on the bed at home

Therefore, you are making yourself more vulnerable to heart problems, obesity, diabetes, and many other serious health complications stated by the NHS.

When you think on a psychological level, the first thing that comes to mind due to lack of sleep is fatigue. Yes, we feel exhausted and extremely distorted after waking up. The reason for that is relatively simple. Sleep deprivation reduces our mental functioning, makes us less aware of our surroundings, and hinders our ability to pay attention to anything around us.

So, if you want your body to be functioning properly, then you have to give it enough time to rest and rejuvenate.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what the best time for sleeping is and why it matters, you will give yourself more time to rest and sleep. Overall, it’s super important that you get early to bed and sleep for at least 7h. The more you sleep, the better your physical and emotional health will be. As you can see, getting a shut-eye can make all the difference between a perfect and a disastrous day.

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